Spend Less, Price Goes Down

If we as a community agree to spend less on this game, then the price for everything goes down. Gems, ascension items, summons. etc… Its all about supply and demand. Thats my advice.


Exactly. Im buying only vip once a month. No more money for 2 months already.


Sounds like a simple solution, but holistically, it can swing to the negative direction…

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They don’t care about that. Stop spending and they stop working on the game and focus on another app. I agree everything is overpriced so I’ve chose to don’t buy.


Interesting proposition

This game however is not an open market, it is a closed market with one force affecting price, being the developers

Not sure if they will drop prices in response to the no spend movement, but will watch with interest

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That sounds pretty sarcastic but SG have managed through active action on my accounts to reduce my expenditure by ~90% per month. What goes though their heads? No idea!

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If the game end with updates and they move to another app game. The prices Wil stay the same since it’s all working till no one plays this. Continue: if the color tiles distribution on wars stay the same. Who’s gonna move its me. 1 color tile per 10 or 12 cleanses tiles. It’s ridiculously low on wars. But I understand that they want to keep that for frustration and we spend more. Not me thank you.

I don’t believe that will happen. The game offers plenty of microtransactions so it your choice if you want to fast/ease things up in game or not. Some payments play with human mind in the sense of gambling and some give loot offers out of the rng world. You can play game without spending, the game is based on the idea of slow grind, farming, filling chests. Game is pretty addictive, it has good advertising, there will always be pay-free and paying players.

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What’s funny, you never hear ole Petri chime in on these threads, but mention another game and he swoops on in and says hey hey hey, that’s not allowed.


I have now limited spend to VIP and POV … and may soon give one of those up

Same. Also few cheapest offers on atlantis, valhalla and event. They are not going to see more from me until they fix the broken PVP lottery.

I already limited my spending on the game to c2p, thanks the so called RNG and frustration especially on raiding, heros summoning, getting ascension material… etc. They always remind me do not spend much, which is actually good to my pocket. LOL

Well, them are the forum rules. :man_shrugging:

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You struck on something that is actually tantamount to the games survival and longevity. F2P’s are as essential as P2P players.

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The issue with trying to get petitions through to action is who sees the petition.

The forum covers a very small player base. The FaceyB groups probably a bit more but again a fraction of the player base.

For every person who’s disgruntled how many aren’t?

So to try and sway the whole community you need to access the whole community and I just don’t see it.

We live in an age where protests are becoming normal. 100,000 people descend on World capitals and they always look like huge crowds but in reality they aren’t. 100,000 is a small number of your population is 80,000,000 for example.

What brings change is the worry about all the people who might be on the verge of protesting. Ie does it have the general public’s backing in general. Because that’s the thing that brings change.

It’s not the noisy minority…generally you can be ignored. It’s whether the rest is starting to sympathise with you and your opinion is being swayed.

Now you have to assume SGG knows exactly what revenue it’s taking day on day, offer by offer. They may see a dip from the hashtag nospend crowd but if the general underlying income is unchanged then guess what? Business as usual.

I have no solutions btw…this game is what it is. Love it or hate it I can’t see it changing because of these things. If people are still paying and playing after the Telluria episode then SGG probably know they are good money wise for at least a while longer yet.


Agree they are the rules, we need rules, and we should all stick by the rules …
But in my honest opinion, it really doesn’t look good when SG staff swoop in on a “wrong” but then fail to answer a direct question of them which is made in the forum.
From a communication point of view that is wrong and certainly can and does give the wrong impression.
Just my two pennies worth …


Used to spend a lot for this entertainment but these days I’m also in the spend less crowd. Only some of the small offers, VIP and the ones with rings now. Skipped last POV and will skip this one too.

Game feels less frustrating now. Not that I expect any changes by doing this, guess time will tell.


That’s an effective way to summon Petri for sure.

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If I look in the mirror and say his name 3 times, will he appear?

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I was able to finish PoV last month without VIP with saved up silver tokens. This PoV thankfully has no summon quests, so it’s time to stockpile some more silver! I won’t be needing VIP the next couple of months, either. :smiley: