Special skills after death?


So down to one person on my weak attacking team, tiburtus uses his special and kills him. After I have no remaining people melendor still uses his special and heals the party.

In a regular raid I would not complain but this is alliance wars and part of the strategy when weakening the opponent revolves around dying before healing skills can go off. If it was a targeted special it wouldn’t have done anything because there’s no one left to hit, but since it is a healing skill it has been coded to still go off even when all my people are down?

If it’s not a bug it just really blows for anyone attacking with a weaker team and will only continue to promote the idea that only healers are necessary for war defense. This really needs to be addressed.

Yeah… Very bad problem… I got this issue sometimes, but it happens even in raids.

I hope that they can solve it…

It’s a feature, not a bug. All the defensive team’s actions are cued up once you make a move to prevent people from leaving the fight mid turn to stop the heal from going off. It’s often a smart move to leave the battle if a healer’s special is ready and you know you will lose the fight, since the heal won’t go off then.


Win conditions (ie all heroes dead) aren’t checked until the end of each defenders turn. It would probably be non trivial (ie a bunch of work) to have to recode the interrupts to make that happen, but depending on how it’s coded maybe not. It’s pretty standard for games to have defined certain times to check win conditions.

either way, IMO it’s not worth taking developer time away from fixing actual bugs or new content (th van helsing looking event or season 2) to deal with that.

But it’s not about abandoning the fight, this is a seperate issue. I have no heroes left, so even queued up actions can’t take effect except for healers. If it was a joon he wouldn’t continue to use his special because all targets are down.

If I time my attacks so that the opposing healer doesn’t get enough mp (talking about using heroes like gan ju and azar) until after the revenge arrows kill me they don’t still heal and destroy my hard work… So why when healers are the only ones coded to do this does it happen after another heroes skill kills my last person?

The attacks take turns, your turn my turn etc. A turn is only complete once all activated heroes specials have triggered. So if you are killed by an enemy within his turn also having another hero with a special activated, the hero will fire the special. You can see this as well on the map levels happen. Yeah to me falls in the category as killing an enemy with tiles when they have 10 hp left, yet the tiles indicate 100+ x 3 (example), to me the first tile hit should kill the enemy and the rest of the strike tiles if not horizontal should ghost through hitting the enemy behind. It is what it is, its not that bad … more important things for devs to focus on now.

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Except this still isn’t the case I’m bringing up. When you attack with tiles and the first of three that hit do enough damage to kill them - it is the same as one enemy hero killing my last attacking hero. If after the rest of the match 3 hit doing plenty of damage, and there are no enemies remaining - then the board continued to combo more tiles even with no one left… It would be the same as the above posted issue.

Here is what no one seems to get. Let’s say I’m attacking a team with boril. After the first hero kills my last hero, boril does not still use his special to give him and adjacent allies riposte. The skill just doesn’t go off because there’s no one left to affect it with.

Only heroes that use healing specials still use their skill after all my heroes have been killed. This should not be the case.

Yeah but hitting a combo when all enemies are dead still charges up your heroes right? If you want the end to be the moment the last dies, this will also need to fall away … are you prepared to lose that … Im not.

I’m not sure I follow you… Presently the way the game mechanics work if you connect 3 and kill the last opposing hero, you get the victory banner and the match ends whether or not there are more combos to be made from the tile movement.

Are you saying if there is a check mechanism in place, my enemy may not get to fire his specials…but I don’t get to load mana either?

Correct me here…

Im refering to map levels … not the last one.

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