Soul exchange choices

I’m having a lot of trouble deciding between Alfrike, Faline, Frigg, Emilio, and Findley. I have about 20 maxed 5* heroes of every element. Alfrike stoked my interest because I hate seeing her in raids, but I have a lot of Dark tanks. Emilio and Finley also piqued my interest. Is there one of these that are must have?

Hey @Tigerband74 I must admit I am in much the same boat as you at the moment I can only narrow it down according to my thought process so far.

I think it depends heavily on which parts of the game excite you most and also where your roster might be lacking.

  • If you want less 1 shots in Rush on your defence or if you have Ludwig and either Grimble or Xnol to put together an attack team with the right troops that’ll be super fun and hard to loose with then ALFRIKE is the best choice for you.

  • If you need a stronger flank as you said you have loads of Tanks and lack a good defense down hero in green then maybe FRIGG but I’d say she needs a LB in current Meta to be really effective.

  • If you like hard hitters at fast speed and need to bolster your Yellow teams for Raids and Wars I’d go with FALINE seriously considering her myself as thats more my play style.

  • If you Like DOT and play a slower/ more calculated strategy or if you have a DOT booster you like, EMILIO’s your man! also that ailment protection will come in super handy and at fast speed should be up all match long so you cant discount that. (Personally I am sorely lacking reds and could see some good potential synergies in my roster for him too…

  • & FINLEY, fast & Large DD against Red Titans will make for some hefty scores - A bit more tricky to plan around but If I understand correctly a bit of trickery can be had if he’s paired with Wilbur. Dont really like situational heroes all that much but he’s so cool he could be the exception

And finally if you don’t have LUDWIG scrap everything I just said and take him he is the best hero in here!

Still confused… Me Too LoL Good Luck :wink:


Get Ludwig :slight_smile: I should just copy/paste this into all the other 15 threads on the topic…

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For if u wanna know who I Chose and why… Empires & Puzzles Soul Exchange 4 Who Should You Choose?????? - YouTube

I’d suggest:

  1. Faline - for mana control at fast speed

  2. Finley - can hit hard & you actually get the costume (cons: opposing team needs to have buffs)

I went Faline.