Some "Who next?" advice please!

I wanted to get some opinions about who I ought to prioritize in leveling next.

My current defense is pretty good, I think, and I hold right around 2300 cups: Alby, Tibs, Azlar, Delilah, Sonya (all maxed)

I’ve got the following 5*'s waiting to be brought up:
Blue (1 cape, 1 scope): King Arthur 4/1 (as of last week), Alasie 3/70, Richard 1/1
Red (7 blades, 2 rings): Nat 3/70, Kestrel 1/1
Purple (15 tools, 9 tabards): Quintus 1/1
Green (10 shields, 7 tonics): Morgan 1/1, Horghall 1/1

Clearly, first on my list is to finish Arthur, but my other high levels (Alasie and Nat) are ascention material locked.

4* regulars on my titan/attack teams are (maxed unless noted)
Blue: Sonya
Red: BT, Falcon 3/60, Lancelot 3/60
Purple: Tibs, Merlin, Sabina
Green: Caed, LJ 3/60
Yellow: Wu, Jackal

I’ll be doing some event pulls in hopes of getting someone… Are any of Morgan, Kestrel, Quintus, or Horg worth bringing up to 3/70? 4/80? Is Falcon a priority over any of them?

Wu Kong, rigard, melendor, Arthur and falcon.

Natalya has to wait for rings which could take months.
I’d look out for kiril and Grimm and level them before alasie.

2 healers are nice for aw attack teams

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Have Wu, forgot to list him because he’s been in the same slot on my titan team since I got him maxed!
I’m kind of over Grimm. I know that’s not popular opinion but he just melts against any kind of offense. Between Sonya, King Arthur, and Alasie, they do me very well on red titans.
Haven’t pulled Kiril yet, sadly.

Im going to call this one vote for Falcon. Thanks for the thoughts!

2nd vote for Grimm and Falcon.

Also dont waste your tonics, Gregorian will be out next month.

Yes, was eyeing Gregorian for sure. I like Morgan’s motif, but I just can’t come up with a use for her… 8(