Some way to compensate for HOTM and event 5* heroes

As you climb the treacherous ladder to the top of the trophy competition you cannot help but notice 99% of the top 100 teams, at any given time, have in their line-up at least one HOTM or event 5* hero. I’m talking about heroes that, alone, can turn the tides of a battle, heroes like Kunchen, Aegir, GraveMaker, Guineviere, Alberich or Mother North, heroes that are almost impossible to get without spending lots of money. Of course, that is normal and so it should be, players should be rewarded for their investments with cards that non spenders don’t have real access to, but every month a new HOTM monster joins the ranks of big spenders and the gap between them and the rest widens a bit more. On the other hand, those top players with their amazingly powerful heroes, need some matching enemies to test their might against. I bet, there’s no fun in fighting vanilla heroes with a HOTM / event team. The gap is just too wide. I think SG could help narrow that gap by allowing low spender’s access to season II heroes through an TC20 upgrade. Atlantis holds some cards that could be a better match for HOTM / event than vanilla heroes…

I agree, season 1 heroes were everyday, “story mode” heroes as opposed to limited time event heroes, and I think Atlantis heroes should be treated the same, as story mode heroes. While the desire to milk them as much as possible is understandable, there should be a point when they would become “vanilla”.

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