Some players in advantage in Ninja Tower

When the latest NT started there was an issue SGG has refused to address when I notified them, that allowed some players to use extra 10 tower energy compared to those who followed SGG update instructions. I’ll try to illustrate this causally:

  1. Tower was inaccessible
  2. SGG informed a new build is being made
  3. The new build was launched and updating the game made access to the tower possible. The announcement of this was not immediately made and only those players who tried updating the game on their own got it working and got in. Playing full 10 attacks they got to floor 10 of the for “free”.
  4. The first Tower “day” ended and tower energy was replenished for day 2 for all players whether they had used any energy or not.
  5. SGG announced the game was fixed and told to update to get the tower working.
  6. Everyone were given 2 tower flasks, i.e. 10 tower energy. So everyone got 10 extra energy: those who already had used the 10 allowed for day 1 and those who updated the game when SGG told to do so, on day 2 and had missed day 1.

This gave some gamers unfair advantage. Those who only updated the game when told to do so missed day 1 altogether. Giving extra flasks to everyone helped to get as far as you usually would get to, not factoring in the lost time and that the Tower is very, very time-consuming, but it failed to address the fact that players were in different advantage points already and remained so after the flasks were given.

Furthermore: when the there was little time left and you started a stage, not finishing before the time ran out would yield 0 points. As this mechanic is different to for example Alliance Wars where you can finish an attack you started, this seemed unfair and unexpected.

I personally felt both issues unfair as I just barely dropped below my target prize bracket and the last attack didn’t count and was left below what I expected.


Having a few extra flags isn’t really an advantage, it just saved those of us who happened to be up that late a whopping 100 gems. It didn’t affect scores in any meaningful way.

100 gems and an extra day. If you get to spread out your attacks to 5 days instead of 4, that IS an advantage in a superoverduper laborous event.

Also, all f2p guys are flipping their fingers at your 100 gems atm.

I wonder… if these 10 flags would have rescued your score - why haven’t you checked for an update yourself?
Honestly, I understand there are concerns about the tower. Regarding time, but flags?

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Did you read my prev comment? If I had had an extra day to play I would have completed the whole tower. Now I managed to out in the work to get to level 35. I barely popped out of 10k, with extra day I would have been in top 5k. The floors are very easy at and above level 35 with all the blessings, all my heroes were just firing up as they ignited each other’s mana. But it took like 10 mins each floor and I didn’t have two hours to spend.

And the last attack would have taken me over 10k but it didn’t count. So flags were an issue, but not the only one.

there was no extra day. Extra minutes suits more.

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Fine, not a whole day, but more than minutes, and the harm also depends on your time zone. I hit the hay before the update. If the tower had opened on Wednesday like it should have I would have had an extra evening to cram attacks.

For me it showed that over 24h left and at 24h mark it was ended

You mean it ended 24h before it said it would?

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I can’t play day 1 and also get kick out of the game while playing the tower in day 2, so cost 150 more gem for me :frowning_face:

I feel you buddy. Did you report a bug? Did you get a compensation?

What I don’t get is why SGG is so stringent in compensating for bugs. To me they just told to f off. No other business could ever treat customers like this.

yes. There was still a day left so I didnt finished it

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It was an extra hour. I just happened to be up still in order to update and run through those ten levels very quickly before bed.

Also I categorize myself as C2P. :confused: The only money I spend on this game anymore is the $10 for Path of Valor and the alliance gem offers. Don’t waste your gems on single pulls.

I do agree the towers super overstay their welcome though. 50 stages was bad enough, no idea why they had to up it to 75.

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There are many people report about be kick out of the game while playing the tower. They didn’t get anything from SG.

In my case, I also don’t have any picture to show that I am really kick out of the game while playing the tower. I don’t think I will get anything from SG.

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You may not need a screenshot if you can tell them when it happened, they can check game logs.

But they will blame your internet connection.

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It is say that “no internet connection” in that time. I know my internet isn’t 100% perfect. Sometimes, it lose the connection for about about a second. So, they can simply blame my internet connection. Moreover, there is no much time during the tower event. So, I decide to not waste my time to contact them for very slim chance to get 1 tower energy back.

I was one of the few who were ever vigilant to notice the update on time and yes, I got the two Tower flasks as a bonus.

However, this didn’t affect my score in any meaningful way. And again, I had to spend the same amount of time climbing the tower as I would without the two bonus flasks.

Those two flasks simply saved me 100 gems, that’s all.

100 gems = $1. Great profit, no doubt of it…I mean, i give ten times more as a tip in restaurants.

And my final score and result was similar to the previous Magic tower (around 2000th place), where I didn’t get any bonus flasks.

Just FYI, I don’t replay or run away from Tower floors (or die, for that matter).

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