[Solved - V33 Update] Raid revenge opponent online - screen stucked

Firstly: this is not about the repaired bug with the free reroll when an opponent was online.

If an opponent from your watch tower is online and you close the pop up window with the cross in the upper right corner, the screen is stucked:

Shouldn’t there be an option to look for another opponent (for the food costs!) instead? :thinking:

The free reroll was removed in v30.

However, the game should not be stuck in this “Searching for an opponent…” screen. I’m seeing this every time a Revenge candidate is online and unavailable to be hit. There is no apparent time limit either. I’ve been on this screen for well over a minute now. I can manually cancel and return back to the watch tower, but the game should do that.

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If you try to revenge an opponent who is Online but click the “X” instead of the “OK” button, it goes to a raid dialog screen that says “searching for opponent” Forever but never finds anyone and no reroll option.

I fully realize “free” rerolls using an online opponent are gone but this is a bug.


Yup it’s annoying.

Thanks SGG for prioritizing fixing issues like the free re-roll and the titanium shield one star hero hack. Not like there aren’t better things to fix? Lol

What’s a beta tester?


The question is? How did it not happen in beta? Did the developer copy-paste the wrong code to the released version?

Has to be a different issue. Sounds are still messed up all over the game. No way beta testers didn’t find that and report it.

Lol I meant there are more important issues beta testers have been asking to sort out… I highly doubt killing the free re-roll was high on the list from beta player POV.

(This new problem happened because SGG killed the free re-roll when opponent was online)

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Come to think of it, I wasn’t aware that they are going to ditch the free re-roll until after they announce it in the release note. Seems they don’t even test it in beta then…

yes, I believe the updated raid reroll mechanism with online opponents skipped beta feedback and went straight to live game. At least it was not announced on beta beat.

Reported that almost two weeks ago in the Bugs&Issues section, still no reply. :frowning_face: Maybe a mod might merge…


Thanks @TriNitro. I did search before posting but did not see that thread.

@DaveCozy or @Guvnor
Can you please merge?

Not sure if this has been reported.

When you get the ‘your opponent is online message’ there are two ways to dismiss the pop up, hit OK or the red X in the top corner.

If you hit the X you get stuck on the searching for opponent message

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Marking this thread as “solved” per the V33 Update:

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Everytime when in the watchtower and attempting to revenge a player and they are online, I press ‘X’ instead of the ‘okay’ button. This options just sends you in to eternal searching and needs to be corrected.

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To avoid that issue you need to press ‘ok’ instead of the close ‘x’ button.
This issue is going to be fixed with the new update - Version 33, by removing the ‘close’ button. See below:


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