[SOLVED] Class Quest Ends Up with Error (Trials of Mysticism / 23 Jan)

I just completed the final task. As soon as I did I received the following error message and now have to re-do the task…

My internet connection is just fine…


Same happened to me on the second level, really frustrating, got lucky to win and now nothing :frowning:

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I have the same problems. And I try for 2 Times the livell.

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Exactamente lo mismo, y creo que me ha pasado a la vez que a ti, en lo que me he registrado y tal… termino mi tercer ataque, gastando bombas, banderas, tonicos… a la primera, me sale el botin y automáticamente la pantalla de error, me ha quitado las 20 banderas de vida, y como sino hubiera jugado… y mi conexion igual de bien. Estoy indignada.

I had the same, after completing lvl 2 imediately server problem


Thank you for the reports, we are currently looking into this issue and hope to get it resolved as soon as possible. We’ll keep you updated here!


Yep, Same happened to me too. Quite annoying waste of flags tbh.

This should be fixed now - my apologies for the issue!


Same happended to me and I lost a whole bunch of battle items and gems used to complete the quest… Can I get back all that I lost?

Same thing just happened to me to got halfway thu giving me my rewards then came up with that.
Took the 12 flags aswell

Let me know how that goes!

I had it with the raid 2 days ago… screen you have won just trying to get on … connection error… lost 50 cups…

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