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Calling all solo alliance players! I’m new to the solo alliance world and so far am enjoying it. I like the challenge of how to deal with the same team in a war six different ways (I managed a perfect score against a Krampus tank today which was fun). I would love to hear from you on a few questions:

-Do you join a larger alliance for any events? Are you going to join a larger alliance for Monster Island?

-Do you fight Titans? What star level? Have you had issues with completing the Path of Valor without higher level titans?


I’m currently playing solo.

I’m joining a bigger alliance for Monster Island and I did the same for the previous AQ.

As for titans, I usually let anything over 3* go. I merced to finish the pov task.


I play solo and the best thing is I can choose what colour tank I have, I’d say 2 costume Viv is pretty solid especially in rush.

For PoV titans like the current one I have to have a baby account so I can go mercing for higher levels, I think I could still complete PoV just by doing the other challenges though.

It’s great sometimes to have that freedom to play how you like, highest titans I’ve done on my own are 4* but it can be a push.

I don’t really stress about the events because the loot doesn’t have any X factor for me.

Todays war result was good as my opponent left his alliance and had a small team which was very kind of him/her


I am alone. 4* Titan challenge cleared. Won’t be chasing the 5/6* titans. Will do events etc for extra points to cover shortfall, if I have too. Or maybe not. Haven’t thought about it.

“Revived” my long retired buddy for MI. We are just curious. Not expecting great loot or rewards.

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Hey BZ! Nie to see you outside the tracking thread.

You and I are both in solo alliances. I too can kill 4* titans if I get lucky with Wu Kong or use a flask. I think I got one 5* titan when everything went right - but usually I am bouncing between 2, 3, and 4*.

You can join my alliance if you like. I bet there aren’t many 2 player alliances!


Thanks for the invite.

I had an active buddy. Together, we can take down 6*, sometimes without a flask. I chased him away cos I want to slow down even more.

The pace set by Zynga/SGG is now at bullet train speed. It was mellow, then moderate, sped up to fast, then to VF and bullet train speed. Within 15-18 months.

I managed to persuade my long retired (other) buddy to try MI with me. Out of curiosity. We are not expecting much from it.

Two-person alliances are better for wars. Best mix is 3-person. That’s my experience. 3-pax can take down 6* with greater ease too.


If you can find two others who play at the same speed!

You’re totally right about the bullet train speed of E&P. I didn’t play in the first two years (started July 2019) but from what I gather, the game and the meta changed VERY SLOWLY then, with only S1 heroes and HotM in the mix, and then the challenge heroes.

Now, wow. Seems like a new OP set of heroes comes out twice a month.

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If I understand correctly you need an alliance score of 120k, we have 2 alliances and the training one has 17 members but a score of 97k. I don’t think they will get the option to play the event.

I think you have some decisions to make.

That’s the trick. 2 stronger, 1 okay. This way, the opponent strength will be split too.

It’s normal to find 2-person alliances. One strong account, usually ex top 100, with their okay or sometimes almost as strong Alternate account.

It’s harder to find 3-person alliances like this. It’s usually 2 main accounts plus 1 alternate. Sometimes it’s actually 3 main accounts.

I haven’t read the posters yet. Thanks for the heads up. I can chill then.

I was curious. Was going to dabble at best. Not seriously try.

So no decisions necessary. If it’s a no go, then it is what it is.

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I just updated my game diary.

December will see 30 new heroes launched into live game.

24 5*
4 4*
2 3*

November was 19 new heroes

15 5*
2 4*
2 3*



How are y’all planning for Monster Island? I ask because of the alliance score exclusion in the announcement.


I don’t mind sitting it out :grinning:

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Me okay to sit it out. And wait for YT videos on MI Global beta #1.

My long retired buddy was a bit disgruntled cos she was finally piqued by a new EP Devt only to be thwarted by alliance score. :rofl::joy:

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Honestly it is a bit of a relief to have one less event on the calendar!


How is the chat in solo alliance do yah say hit the titan or clean up a1 :rofl:


Pretty sure it’s still considered “talking to yourself” even if it’s in written form :joy::joy:


You take the clean … Nah you … I did the last one…
Use items on titan yah cheap skate … Well yah last hit was pretty pants mate … Just hit it yah bleep

Could be motivation for some folk


I get to vent my frustration if I leave a half dead enemy on the battlefield. Gonna waste 1 war flag to finish it off.

Or the titan has less than 10k HP left.

I type it all out. In alliance chat.

That alliance chat will erase all these posts after a few days.