Sniper School 🎯 - Which Heroes are Must Kill?


You’ve got Joon and Lianna charged (or Berden and Bane)

Which heroes are so disruptive to your plans, cause u survivable damage or you just enjoy terminating so much that you kill them regardless of position?

While these are obviously generalisations and every situation is different, some heroes are almost always public enemy #1

  • Corner resurrecters - Alby, MoNo, Tooty. These guys are always in my crosshairs because if they fire first, victory can be snatched away

  • Def down - Isarnia, Ulmer, c.Gunnar and the dreaded Kunch. Things go downhill rapidly when you’ve got no defence. Pew pew pew.

  • Mana controllers - Hel, Fishcakes and Li Xiu - robbing my valuable mana puts you face on the firing range

One-Shot killers - Lianna, Kage, c.Joon, c.Berden, Alice… it’s a dog eat bullet world and this lot will kill you first if given the chance. Aim for the throat.

Stuff I’m less worried about. Cease fire. Cease fire.

DoT - with the arrival of c.Caedmon and c.Sonya, fast cleanse is reasonably accessible and a lot less scary than at the start of the year.

Telly if she’s not at tank - some people put the giant jackelope at the flank or corner. She’s hugely less frightening here.


I have been playing for 4 months and I raid in lower platinum level, at about 1900.
I have faced Alby only once. I was about to win but he resurrected the team and I lost. He shall always be my first priority.

2nd priority would be AoE heroes, Vela, Isarnia, GM, Colen. Sometimes I find Colen at Tank or flank, he fires just after revival, I really hate that.

I do not have caedmon or any green 4 :star2: yet. But I do have Sonya with costume, buttttt… I have to chose between dispell and cleanse, I chose dispell.

Among Mana controllers, I often meet Li Xiu, not so much important, I can plan my moves for her. But definitely kill Proteus, even if he has less defence, he needs to be killed ASAP.

I am not much concerned about snipers. Little concern with Sartana as she adds Poison DOT. They often target heroes with less defence or less HP.

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Most of my must kills are the slower type, their hard hit is too much to absorb. Alfrike is number 1, after that there’s Azlar Isarnia Quintus. Other instances are Telly of course and a healer getting close to healing the whole team.


That is quite the conundrum. But I’d rather put out the fire than worry about a defence buff.

Riposte normally needs urgent dispel, though.

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Alfrike, Vela, Lady of the Lake


Good call, she’s a real pest


I think my target would be situational upon factors such as:

  • how much mana enemy heroes have
  • if said enemies are sniper, hit 3, or hit all (and their effects)
  • my heroes’ HP
  • current board situation (any diamonds, matches to be made, ghosting potential, clearing board with off color diamonds, etc)

If multiple of my heroes are relatively low HP and there is an enemy Sartana charged as well as a Drake, obviously, kill the hit 3 so at least 2 of your heroes survive until next turn.

Let’s say you are in a situation where you have multiple hero specials charged, enemy tank has low hp, and you have a match of your color tiles lined up against the tank. You need to decide whether to kill the tank with special skills or tiles.

  • If you use specials, it might be overkill and you could’ve done more dmg to a flank. But it will guarantee the kill and allow ghosting potential.
  • If you choose to target the flank/wings with specials and try to kill the tank with the tiles lined up, you might deal more overall dmg. But the tank may survive with very low HP (especially if Telluria). :upside_down_face:

One tank that you don’t want firing is Alfrike. It’s extremely hard to recover from an Alfrike special. Will be interest to see how Alfrike tank fares after Lord Loki is released. My current Alfrike counter is Malosi.


Drake is usually my number 1 target lol. He’s just too damn annoying, once he blinds three you’re basically rolling dice to see if you hit with your skills (and he hits really hard too for his speed and range).

Also will usually snipe a dangerous tank if I can’t kill them with a match the next turn. Chances are if I charged my sniper before they use their skill, I can kill them. If they use their skill first, then it depends.

My Joon always snipes Finley. I only have 1 Mitsuko, and that’s my other method of countering him (one miss ends his chain of strikes).


Pretty much what was stated. Ressurrection guys are always my main target, especially MN, as she has high revival rate. Also healers, depending on the amount of HP healed. Vivica for example, and her costumed version especially since she is basically Kunchen. Drake and Justice too because of their blind, and Azlar because he can cause real trouble if he does fire.

The very fast damage dealers such as Clarissa, Kage, GM, and fast Vela, Zeline are also prime targets for elimination, otherwise they can cause a lot of damage pretty quickly.

In that case Scarlett comes to my rescue. I have her at +9, she has 812 attack. Her splash damage is often sufficient to finish the tank. Another hero I have is Jabbar, his DoT does compensate for his less attack. With troops boost, his DOT is 208 (x3 targets) damage over 4 turns.
Also Jabbar is very useful against healers. Just fire him when Rigard or Kiril is about to go. Hit the tiles, and the hero fires at his one fourth capacity. Rigard’s 42% comes down to 10.5%


Black knight is always a must. If he fires I’m pretty much dead.

And of course, Finley. If he fires his Isarnia’s special with fast mana ■■■■■■■■ it’s all over too.


Heavy DoT’s are usually my #1 targets. If GM or Vela go off and my cleanser isn’t up I’m screwed. I usually raid with a Kingston and Joon so either getting the attack down or blind is immensely helpful.

My second target is usually any hero that gives HoT, Rigard, costume Melendor, Telly, Alberich not only do they give HoT but their additional effects like minions/shield or damage mean they sneak by sniper kill range, and can punish average/bad boards after getting a combo off.

Public enemy #3 is attack boosters like Wu, Ranvir, Rigard-C, Boldustk, and this is different from #2 for similar healers because, it isn’t the healing which matters, it’s usually the timing and location which pairs well with devasting specials like Ursena, Drake, or Finely. The extra damage just makes it so you can’t recover from heavy hitters.


Mum North

Cleansers & Dispellers
right before they’re going to cast.


Why no mentioning of healers, OP? Neither in must-kill nor not-a-problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Resurrecting is a big problem, so those are my priority.
Then, the “OPs” (Finley, Vela, GM…)
Then, healers.


I usually try to kill first what does the most “damage” to me or is most annoying - so it depends.

  • Resurrect & Alfrike
  • heavy hit all (or annoying side effects like Guin & Telly) followed by heavy hit 3
  • def downer/att buffer

Healers are not my main problem, they don’t do so much harm, I can leave them and deal with them last.

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Yer, they’re in the middle :rofl:

Medium priority.

Lower priority if they’re tanks. Unless they’re Def down too link Kunch or c.viv

I’ll happily plough tiles into Aegir and vanilla Viv all day and snipe the danger behind them


Alby is easily controlled by hansel or gretel cause he is druid.

Whether I target a DOT sooner or later has a lot to do with how charged my cleanser is, or are there tiles on the board to quickly charge him (or her, yay costumed Sonya)

So if cRigard +19 is about to go off, I happily plow purple tiles into GM and use my snipers elsewhere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Often I target whoever has the most damage so I can make a bigger hole to dump tiles into

But 1st on my list of Must Kill: bleeping Mother North and her 50% chance to resurrect :angry:

I love having the anti-sniper. I get Clarissa, JF, Vela or GM ready to fire, then I set Grazul off and their DOT is worthless.

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Always f’ing Finley.