Single character strategies


As some of you are aware, I have in the past made use of a little known secret weapon. I have decided to open it up to public discussion on whether anyone else has found Uber deadly single character combos they would like to divulge.

My secret weapon team is of course 5 un-upgraded Aife’s with basic troops. She will merge into Mega-Aife when the proper command is given and destroy 5 star titans with a single Aife-chop™.

Anyone else?



You slay me.

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Look, 8-7 knows what I like!


Any single character that is on my team. Next question…


I’m going to read this page multiple times, then try to figure out exactly what single character strategies are. Period. . . . Single Hero? no that would have been said. Myself as a character. A good team? That’s what I hear basically. How do I make a good (I don’t use the word good often so) Decent team, and for what?

For raid’s I never use a Healer cause the (raid) isn’t going to last long enough for healing. Same with my other team, my titan team, no healer. Then when I continue story mode, I do use a healer, and sometimes a Defense Booster. And maybe one hp pot, and two miracle scrolls. or forty, who cares.

I have mainly 2star heros, maybe two 3star, and one 4star. so I am still on my way to improvement. I plan one day to use multiple heros of the same color, or of two colors, just to switch it up, and to hope my attacker/victim can’t find the right color that works against me. heh heh heh.

Oh I’m going to post random stuff now cause Im a nerd and want the ah awards(I don’t want badges, that sounds terrible) /A bunch of super BA art that was composed over 5 years. :bouquet:
Now I’d like to bring the attention of @Rook over here. Your name sounds so familar. okay you may go.
This maybe redundant but, Omg check this out.! About the Player Guides category
So thers more, awards then I thought, and Im getting tired, so I’ll cut off here. Peace and Respect All. Especially Rook.


I Don’t like you Ataraxia. Rawr. Your pure Evil!


Lol. You sound familiar too! reads your post :grin:


What is the command you have to give her and how do you do that? I’m new to the game…trying to learn.

Thank you


What do you mean? Please explain your question in more depth.


The comment that Mothak made talking about making a mega Aife


He was being utterly facetious. Welcome to the game.


Ugh…I feel like such a blonde…lol. Well at least he has fun doing it. Bahahahaha