Singapore Merlion Team - Recruiting for Singapore Time Zone!


We at Singapore Merlion Team are a fun filled semi-casual, semi-serious alliance (whatever that means!) that plays in the +8GMT time zone and have 4 slots to fill. All time zones are welcomed of course!

Our alliance score is 190k+ and 18 of our members are regularly in diamond raid arena with the top players in global and local top 100 daily.

We request 1400 cups minimum, 3800 tp defence, and usage of all titan and war energies.

We are currently harpooning and killing 10*/11* titans consistently - at 26 members! Looking to have you join us so that we can move on to 12* titans!

We use Telegram for communication as well as alliance chat, but we all know how “awesome” alliance chat is so all are encouraged to join us in Telegram, though it is not mandatory.

Hit us up, send us a request and state “jOhO recruited me!” to see if we are a good fit for you!

1 slot filled, need three more titan killers!

Any open slots atm?


We are full for now! Thanx for asking!

We now have one slot available! Come come come!

Still recruiting, come check us out!

We have 2 slots now, on to 11* titans!

minimum cup requirements up to 1400, and we request defence team to be at least 3500tp!

constantly throwing harpoons too!

Please search for “Singapore Merlion team” and send us a request. :slight_smile:

slots still available! met our first 12* titan but had to let it go :frowning:

Please come help us!!

Closing per request of OP via flag

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