📯 Sif – Season 3 Hero – 5* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Does BK’s special actually combine the damage that would have been caused before the reflect happens, then? I wonder if it is actually working as intended.

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Yup it does and yup it is :slight_smile:

Sif is a better option than Elena as her damage reduction offers a fail-safe if the flesh wound doesn’t trigger.


I stand corrected, then.

It’s definitely nice that the damage reduction happens after the riposte with Sif. Having two utility heroes while none of them are healers is not quite my style of play, but definitely something to ponder. Elena does have the color stacking advantage when combined with BK, and she deals damage, so that combination would have my preference (theoretically).


You are right that it offers several options, all with pro & cons, depending on your playstyle.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of slow mana heroes. Sif being an average mana hero, meaning she can be charged in 9 tiles with proper mana troop if remember correctly.
Also she has the mana generation bonus, speeding the things after the first use of her special. Can definitely be a “fun” way to play in offense, not by attacking directly but throwing tiles and counter-attacking!

Wow I don’t have bk but I will say sif and qoh is an awesome combination :slight_smile: gonna have fun with this


I’ve added Sif’s damage reduction buff to the Status effects guide:

Note that this buff can be pierced by rangers :bow_and_arrow:


So my new def is almost maxed and now I got Sif…what shall I do with her :thinking:
Atm I’m running MN - BK - Ursena - Drake - Vela. Maybe Drake out for her, but then there won’t be that synergy with BK…
I have some time to think about, once my second set of 5* is maxed, the 4* and costumes are the next in order.

Oh Rogue. I only have Scarlett and Kelile and many Rogue emblems. And Margaret 1/1 🤷

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Up for some horse trading? I got two in one 10 pull lol.

Got her, and I have the leveling materials. Will she be part my 4th yellow, that is the question

My current team (only the 5*) : Joon / vivica / ranvir

I wonder how she would do in that team

If only I could… :’(

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I have BK. Why is sif good with him? If shes that good with him Im gonna whale to get her. But Im not sure why?

My current yellow in defense is rabbit. I also have a 3/70 Onatel waiting.

See my picture above in this thread.

Or for more details go here:

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Oh ok. That sounds like a solid composition then. But damn, I didnt get sif. Got heimdall and Fenrir so can’t complain but I like BK so much that I want sif now. Fk.


Regarding her Rogue talent - I assume it also kicks in only after the riposte effect, so even when she evades the counterattack is full? Could someone please confirm?


Wondering if anyone has her 3/70 stats yet? Would like to know where she sits in case I leave her there for a while.

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Credit to @MAGS661 for providing this screenshot:

And @Lumi and I are investigating providing stats for all of the heroes.


Thanks @zephyr1 and @MAGS661

Looks like she is a “Go big or go home” hero

Sorry Viv honey, you’re sitting at 70 for a while longer.

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Mmmhmmm… QoH works just as well.


Well, the problem with QoH is that special defense buff. It will reduce the damage dealt. So, it will work better with BK than QoH.

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Here’s the video of Sif on defense, you can see how her specials works


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