Show me your rewards


getting jelly at all yr rewards


Here is what I normally get in diamond arena raid. At present am in position 83 (will not even be in the list in a couple of minutes, lol)

It is sooo not worth the hassle!


I’d say it’s worth it for the ham and iron lol.


Lol why bother with getting A grades?


Now that’s a diamond chest!


Didn’t screenshot them this time but in last 24 hrs my monster chest and platinum chest had a tabard and a telescope :grinning:

Still need more gloves though :expressionless:


Yesterday we were defeated in AW, as loot I got an axe, one gem and an Orb of Magic :open_mouth: So apparently tiers don’t mean sh…rek?


I forgot to take a photo but last night from a 7* I got a tonic, then I finished a raid chest and got another tonic. So it was one of those days.

Now I have 6 tonics and no green 5* worth ascending (only horghall)


I had the luckiest Ice chest so far.


That is pretty good considering how much these chests seem to be changing with tokens. My last one was nature and had a few silver tokens.


Fire Chest compass & I’m seriously loving the token and that awesome 3* Trainer


I always get excited when I see the loot people are posting on here. Keep up the good work guys or gals :+1::heart_eyes:





I am starting to wonder if I shouldn’t try as hard on titans. I am a consistent A on 6 and 7* and usually get nothing.


My daughter and I play in the same alliance. I score A or A+, she scores B most of the time and she gets ascension items more often than I do. So, yes, sometimes I think if I should be less active. :slight_smile:


I have read about it quite often. Its crappy to do to my alliance but it seems to happen more often than not.

A+ and A loot is crap way too often


The key is to get up to Loot Tier IX, which is when you start getting three ascension items. Sure it’s still usually rope or other crap, but it increases your odds of some5ing good by 50%.


I’ll have to start paying attention to my tiers more.


That’s what I’ve been told. But it doesn’t work really. I’ve been getting tiers IX - XI since May (9* - 7* Titans, A or A+).