Show me your raid offense!

My most used offensive team
MN for ressurection
Hatter to deal with the taunt (sometime replaced with c.kad if defence has no buffs)
Sif to counterattack the massive AOE hitters
Devana for Dispell and some minion control
Drake Fong mostly for good old damage


I normally raid 3-2 but am using this more and more recently.


This or a variant is my favourite fun offense team. Xnol or grimble replace lord loki for mana gen. C sabina can get swapped for hanitra if i dont need a dispeller


I raid mono depending on the opposition use all of the below but green is my most effective despite being the lowest TP

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Here’s my raid team!

Sometimes I get >5 stacks after Skadi fires once and that’s pretty much - game over

I occasionally change to my purple+yellow team but don’t do mono any more! Depending on the raid team, I sometimes replace ursena with Alfrike !


These are the teams I use with the green/blue being used about 75% of the time.

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I don’t go Mono. Most of the Defs I face have a purple / blue center
Krampus, Bera, Xnolph and so on. So I go with yellow and green…

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I sometimes adapt my team to the opponents, but I tend to skip them and adapt them to my team.
I attack from about 35/40 cups. No cup dropping, that usually takes care of itself overnight. :roll_eyes:
I use mostly mono in all colors, rarely anything else (but I do). But my favorite is:

@Gimliv Déjà-vu? :wink: I recently pulled Hansel. He’s on the level list, but there’s someone in front of him.


I raid with 10:-5.

Now really, I am running rainbow and same team all the time, because I am lazy and find faster to reroll than to switch teams. Now Cobalt - C-Alberich - Eliz - Onyx - C-Viv…

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It feels like I’m changing my Raid teams every 4weeks or so. But there are two teams that always stay the same.
The first one represents my most used tactic. Two healers, two heavy hitters, one support. They should always provide atk up and def down. So obviously BK, Grazul and Kunchen keep the team alive and prepare smash attacks. Ninjas doing the bloody work. Of course Ninjas have synergy as well as Hotm family.

There are more teams like that. I like to combine Milena + Morel, Quenell + Evelyn, C.Vivica + C.Leo and Saoirse/C.Marjana + Octros.
The second team is something different. Key is not striking power but a looooong breath and obviously Alfrikes special. Even if one of them should die at some point the other mates are still hard to kill. Mostly it’s like 9 purple tiles and it’s over. After that the enemy is either too crippled to really reach for a come back or never comes out of blind status.

Edit: currently I’m experimenting with Russula, Rayne and Quintin. They seem to also have some synergy.

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Almost exclusively go with this team

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For more than 2 years my go to team. Still delivers and got recently quite a good buff due to the Hotm fam bonus.

Albi as Life safer and mana-gen, seshat dispeller and sniper, hel mana control and possibility to change the board due to mana block, Kingston as sniper an attack down and last c.rigard as healer, attack up and cleanse.

The team covers a little of everything and thus decent and successful for daily raiding no matter the opponent. >2900 points on daily basis.

Not comparable to those crasy new teams/heroes but surprisingly works just awesome.



Do you have c kiril? C kiril and skadi is more effective than kiril and skadi. You have toxi for cleanse so defense up to offset defense down is not critcal

I raid 3-2. Very rarely mono, although I do war mono. I also rely a lot on S1, with or without costume.

When raiding I 99% will have Athena and Ariel. They are usually my 2 unless facing a red tank, then I add Glenda. Ok none of my blues are S1 – so sue me :rofl:

For the 3,

Red: Marjana - C.Elena - C. Boldtusk (sometimes CB)
Green: Kadilen - CB Lianna - C.Melendor
Holy: Malosi - Joon - Vivica
Dark: C.Sartana - Domitia - C.Rigard

The 5’s are all +18, Elena and Ariel are LB’ed (they are both also on my d). The 4’s are all +20 and LB’ed.

The 3 are strong against tank, except for reverse then I go strong against most dangerous (usually flank).

When going 3 blue I mostly use C.Elena and C.Boldtusk, or C.Sartana and C.Rigard.

Once some of my other heroes catch up I will be in a position to diversify more.

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Thanks @Homaclese

I’m levelling Kiril’s costume! Last ascension and I’ll replace Kiril with the costume version!

Thanks for the tip

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This is my current raiding team and i have decent success in platin/diamond. Just put emblems on proteus and he is really worth it.


Thank you everyone who responded to this topic! I’m a fairly new player so this is really helpful for planning which 4*s to level / limit break / emblem.

It’s so encouraging to see that relatively accessible heroes - S1 4*s - are useful at such high levels of play. I now realize that the Costume Summon is the most effective place to spend money!

So far I only raid to fill raid chests so I haven’t bothered developing a good raid team yet.

Apologies if this seems to now go off-topic. I hope though this will be useful for other newer players.

I was really surprised how well I did against much stronger teams in this week’s 5* buff booster tournament. I also finished Legendary for the first time in the current Villains challenge (the final stage was rather expensive).

So when I decide it’s time to try raiding seriously, I’m going to try the team that did most of that work for me:

and this variation:

You can see this was designed for buff booster - my offense record was 17-8 and I only zeroed once. I’m pleased that I placed well despite a defense grade of E. (I need advice on choosing better tournament defense teams, but that’s really off-topic. At least this post is about offense teams!)

I managed to kill this team

and put a serious dent in this one

before my luck ran out & I lost 4 out of 5 attacks on the last day.

I got Cyprian and Mack in my first month playing (August 2021), then Boril shortly after. So I’ve made riposte a cornerstone of my offense strategy. My C Cyprian has 1814HP, Mack is now 1509, so they can take a real beating. I got Ferant in the recent Clash of Knights event - I guess eventually he’ll replace Mack - or I’ll have a whole new strategy. Now, if I could just pull Sif…

I recently got Scarlett’s costume, which changed her from fragile and ineffective to durable and a heavy hitter:

The low defense with respectable HP is an advantage paired with riposte. Can’t wait to finish leveling up her costume!

If you can’t afford an offense team that just kills the other team right off, try an offense team that refuses to die, while allowing the team you’re attacking to commit suicide. Not for the impatient!


I could beat any team up to a month ago with this squad.

Xnophold and the Xmas heroes / pengi lowered my win percentage a bit though lately. Working on a new team that beats them most times however the battles are taking to long to finish

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