Should I stay or should I go


Hey my search engine is cutting some sorta Loop and I can’t search for anyone right now


All good :smile: we have been 29/30 for a while the spots always open if you want to try us out .

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The Headless horsemen just need 1 more player like you. All active and fun. We kill 11* and 12* titan now.
Line me : lagunz or my leader : viper 2345 and you can talk to Viper to know futher.
Or Whats your line ID? I will add you.

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I would like to but the system will not let me do a search right now


We have several of those! :slight_smile: what level of titan are you comfortable with?


Hi vito, you can try to join “elemental phoenix” where being active in titan and war is the requirement


Strawberry Cheesecake! is the place for you .we have 1 spot and are all active. Only rule is hit the titan. Good luck whatever you decide


@Vito342 I just accepted you, but how it missing and not add properly? Can you rejoin again?
Line :Viper2345
Or : lagunz
Or you can inform your ID so we can add you. ( I don’t know if its a glitch or you already join in other alliance, so if you still wanna join with us , you can line us) thanks :grinning:


Maybe this is a good time to discuss why you would leave an alliance. My view:

  • If the leadership is silent or absent, particularly if they don’t make activity expectations clear
  • if your expectations of activity by your team mates don’t align with theirs
  • if everybody is really serious about the game and you aren’t (or vice versa)
  • if there is toxic behaviour (abuse, sexism, racism, and similar)
  • if you’re team is ready to contribute on a higher level of alliance (for example ready to hit bigger titans for better rewards)
  • if you’re a talkative type and there isn’t much talk in alliance chat, or again, vice versa
  • I am sure there are more reasons that people will come up with

If none of these are the case, then you’re probably in the right place. Not only are there no problems in my alliance, we have fun and banter also. It’s like gaming Nirvana :slight_smile:


Your titan chest will be locked for 24 hours and you loose the current progress in your war chest…but gain the progress from your new alliance.


If you feel it’s time to move on and find a better fitting alliance for yourself, it’s a small price to pay if it means you’ll enjoy your game more!


take a vacation to another alliance, if you not find the fit one you could come back, but if you finally find that fit in you, then stay.


Yes. Come join The Lumber Jacks. We want to win; we help new players along but also have players in the top 100.


You should go…

But you will be a smaller fish in a bigger pond.
Less A+ rank on titans
Less damage on higher ranked titans…

But you will fit in and grow due to your activity.


Leave. You deserved to be in more functional alliance.
You can send a message to join an invite only alliance. The leader / co-leader will respond.


No more mr. Nice guy



Finding an alliance that has people with similar playstyle as you doesn’t make you a not nice person.