Should I stay or should I go

I’m in and Alliance and I am pretty much usually the top in just about everything. I am thinking of leaving the alliance because there are too many people that do nothing and I was wondering if you lose anything by leaving an alliance? I was also wondering if you can just join an invite only Alliance?


If you are unhappy, or feel unappreciated, in your alliance, there is nothing wrong with moving on.

If you request to join an alliance that is invite only, a leader or co-leader will have to accept or deny you.


You can join the wadsquad, we are pretty active and kill 7* and 8* not quite to 9* yet, but we are getting strong, and we do pretty well in wars.

And I saw Rush in 1977 if that helps…


The only thing you lose by leaving an alliance is the war chest participation you have accrued.


I think you would enjoy the engagement and activity of an alliance like Helios (for example) which supports its members and helps them grow by killing high level titans and using all flags in war.

You know… just for example.

Don’t feel obligated to stay one of the best things I did was change alliances. As you didn’t say your level look into We Are Groot vol. 1-2 or 3 which ever suits you best

I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure if you stay there will be trouble and if you go it will be double.

PS: leave the alliance.


@Vito342 sounds like you need to find a new alliance. There are many great alliances who are always looking for active players. As @Rushfan1974 said you need to request to join an “invite only” alliance or can just tap “join” if invite is not set.

There is also a cool down period before you can add to your titan chest (11hours), when joining a new alliance. But you still get a share of the loot.

I also love the fact that you already have genuine offers of a new home :wink:. You can also make a post in Alliance Recruitment and I’m sure you’ll be inundated with offers.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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This indecision’s bugging me (esta indecesion me molesta)

What did you decide?


@Vito342 It sounds like you don’t like it there, so I think you already know what the answer is.

Idk what you’re looking for or what level you’re at, but we have a recruitment post that just went up. Check it out and feel free to come join us if it sounds like what you want: Narcissistic Injury is looking for some long-term members!

I just want to be in an Alliance where people want to win. I am usually in the top three in everything and can you search for an alliance by name

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Nothing wrong in moving to a new like minded allaince. It will make the gameplay more enjoyable for you. Its always good to join an allaiance that is active where you arent the strongest or weakest. Room to grow and not feel like a burden/berden :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m around level 45 or 46 I usually carry about 2500 trophies pretty much always in the diamond level and have a power of about 4050


Exalted warriors(EW) check us out if you like

Yes you can.

Alliances Tab --> Search Box

There are casual alliances and there are competitive alliances and a thousand shades in between. The game is more fun if you are in an alliance with people of similar playstyle.

Finding the right alliance for you might take a few tries, but it’s worth the time. I would suggest that you speak with someone from the alliance before joining about how the alliance plays to save time and frustration both for you and the alliance.

Forum has a recuitment section, there are Line groups and a Discord server also for recuitment. These are much easier to use than the alliance recuitment chat in game in my opinion. Ping me if you want invites to Line/Discord.

Good luck, it sounds to me that you are ready to move on.


That’s nice! My Line id is silver_dragon-r if you would like to talk, I play in an alliance family with 7 alliances playing on different levels and playstyles.

I just want to play in an alliance where people at least try


Tons of allainces would love to have you, we are a competitive group. We arent all diamond leaguers (most of us are) but we always try to be the best for where we are. 4 minimum titans hits and all war hits mandatory etc. But still have fun :slight_smile:

Hey @Vito342. We are Mystic’s Midgardians. We are a fun mix of players who have 4000+ teams and relatively new and growing players. We ask of our players to hit titans(8* and 9*) and use all war flags(or opt out, we understand life happens :D). We also have line app. My id is costa1988 if you want to check us out. May the RNG gods be with you :smiley:

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