Shop After Dark: Are you ready to Rock and Roll!?!

Join us in the dark!


Who touches who, we never knew :joy:

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May have a spot soon & room available in other houses :popcorn:

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Passon thru… 1 spot open…hurry up

Rare chance to join the Dark. One spot left - Don’t miss out!

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Runnin thru and flashing :smiling_imp:

Who got the spot?! Is it you???

11* titans, coordinated war strategy. 29/30 players currently.

Oohh last spot people!!! Grab it fast… :man_running:

Can’t believe there’s still a spot left! This will be gone soon…get in there whilst you can

Plop Drop Shop gets a Pop

Good morning, Darklings! What’s happening today?


Running to grab the last spot!!!


come join the Dark side. 11* titans, coordinated war strategy, entertaining and active line chat

Don’t miss out on the last spot!

The rest of the video shows the kid on the ground getting up and powerbombing the other kid.

Peeping that last spot!!


Where the hell is everybody!!! :triumph:

Yes, musical chairs often decends into a mass brawl :joy: kids are brutal!

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