SG, go back to work!

SG I think that the time to invest in some really good developers is here. Your game is growing and you need some help with this. Wars are a total failure, so you have to search some new stuff to help you implement this right. If you have only 2 tools to measure a alliance in your game, is time to get back to work because war is not about titans. Leaderboards, a hystory of wars, leagues, rewards. Is there anybody home? We are not playing in beta here…



Wars are going great. Keep 'em exactly as they are, maybe introducing leagues or war tables or something that measures wins and losses.

Chalk this up as another development triumph and move on to the next thing.


Maybe I am pretentious, but if you are pleased with little, in the future you will get nothing… If you told me that this war system and matchmaking is a triumph in the rpg gaming industry, my opinion is that you played only candy crush saga before this.


I have no opinion about whether or not you are pretentious. :flushed: I do have an opinion about the war system and matchmaking: I think they’re pretty great.

In our alliance we do a very good job in killing titans. Our alliance score is 45 k and titans score is 54 k. In wars we get matched with stronger alliances with bigger accounts and defense teams because they are not so well organized in titans job. So war for us sucks every time.
But anyway Broob, you are such a fan boy of SG team… On every topic you act like a good dog bringing the stick back to your boss.


So you are saying that war sucks for your alliance, because you keep losing. That’s quite different from saying that wars are a failure.

I’m genuinely sorry that you lose all your wars and I know you’re not particularly open to conversations about how you might improve your tactics. However given that thousands of alliances have been paired up to fight each other over 11 weeks, some of them must necessarily have lost most - even all - of their wars. Perhaps this is down to bad luck or bad play. It might even be down to bad matchmaking. But your alliance’s habitual losing does not, in itself, provide evidence that anything is wrong.

Really? That’s what you’ve got? I’ve been dissed harder by the squirrel that steals nuts from my bird feeder.


We won more than half of our wars but that’s not the point. If you are good titan killer alliance you will get pretty unfair wars. That’s the point, you know that and you are just trolling or fishing for likes on my topic using big empty words like always, wasting my time. Good night.


Easy to claim things are unfair when you find them difficult, isn’t it? It might reasonably be argued that of course getting a better Titan score will result in alliances getting harder war matches - obviously they shouldn’t get easier matches, should they?

But have you really won more than half your wars? If you’re confessing to that reality, then matchmaking can’t be working too badly for your alliance at all. Or perhaps you would have to win all your matches before you would stop complaining.

The greatest failure you’ve demonstrated in this thread is not that of the devs, it’s your own. When you need to resort to calling a person who disagrees with you a “dog” or a “troll”, it’s a strong indication that you don’t have any sort of substantive response to their arguments.


You are everywhere in this forum, on every topic, you get in this type of contradictions with everybody. This is your main goal in your life I think. I have this account for a short time in this forum but enough to get bored of you. When I see Broob replying on any kind of topics I know what is coming. And like you, are a bunch of other guys here exchanging likes, saying boring stuff and not helping anyone.


This is what is technically known as an ad hominem attack. It occurs when a person runs out of anything convincing to say and they resort to name calling.

That sort of thing can be fun if someone is good at name calling, but you don’t seem to have a talent for it. Your complaint is that I post a lot in the forum? And you’re bored?

I apologise sincerely for preventing from doing all those far more interesting things that you probably ought to have been doing. Go cure cancer, if you must - I promise I’ll cope in your absence.


For what it’s worth, I simultaneously agree with both points being made here:

  1. alliance wars are fine, bordering on good. (Though more polish could be added down the line as far as record keeping, I think we agree)
  2. bro-man is a big SG fanboy and when his name appears you know what you Gon’ get. Some sweet sweet unadulterated SG lovin’. Presumably with a 70’s 'Stache.

Ummm, I think @Brobb is a she


That’s gonna really make the mustache stand out


Just sad 20characters

I don’t think wars are terrible, but I do think there’s plenty of room for improvement. For starters, do they even affect your alliance’s standings? It seems that’s entirely based on titan scores and trophy scores from raids. Seems like performance in wars or war records should also go into those standings, no?

Also, as far as I can tell, loot doesn’t seem to be effected by your performance in the war. I’ve gotten better loot in wars where I wasn’t anywhere near the point leader vs wars where I was one of the top scorers. That seems kind of odd to me too.

Both of these factors make wars feel a little meaningless. I mean its nice getting the extra loot at the end, but there’s far less excitement now than the first couple of times I participated in wars and assumed I was helping my alliance standings and my performance was going to impact my loot.


It doesnt affect your alliance ranking, and while people think matching is iffy, maybe it should be completely separate. Bracket-based maybe?

And there are only 2 types of loot brackets for alliance wars. Winning or Loosing. And thats how it needs to be. If your individual scoore matters, then it becomes a selfish “gain the most points” activity, instead of a “how do I help my alliance win this war”-activity.

Overall loot should be slightly improved.
Revenge arrows are great!

I still really enjoy alliance wars! :slight_smile:
The best one have been tough and we’ve set up LINE chats with the other alliance to chat and have fun while fighting! Highly recommend that!


Agree with everything you said… except the arrows bit. They suck. :wink:


The picture of @Brobb with a ‘tache doin’ some sweet sweet unadulterated SG lovin’ will remain in my mental picture library for a good long time. I don’t know if this is a good thing…

@Brobb’s a pussycat, really (a feral one… with claws… sharp ones).
You have to argue logically and prove your point, and you’ll find she’ll come around. She’s a very amusing read either way. I’m a signed up member of the @Brobb admiration society even though I attract her focus more often than is entirely comfortable. I like to have a general waffle or sometimes just an old fashioned relieve-my-frustration-rant and then along she comes and requires you to actually make sense and justify your point. Man, that’s hard work.

(Changes the channel. Needs to get the 'tache-wearing Brobb out of the mental foreground).


I’m a cat with a moustache. I’ll take it.