🔵 [Sep 1, 2019] Trials of Piety Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

I got joon as my 1st 5 after 8 months. He’s special to me…lol. Now tc20 had turned out quite a few others too. Keep playing and use tc20 as many as u can, good luck. Until u get him, try using color stack. It really helps if you only have weaker heroes. Using them alone against much stronger is crazy but stacking multiplies the tiles and can really damage them. A dispelled really helps here too. Belith works since she is like mini melendor. I used her until I got melendor as my first 4. He’s still on my diamond defends team at +18 and I will replace him with Lianna and move Vivica in once lianna hits max(4.50) and I get 2 more darts for viv. Is love Grazul though…no hotm after 15 months in c2p account. I do have Aegir in my f2p alt as my only 5 there. Good luck…


That’s the team I used. The monk emblems went to Wilbur, the cleric emblems went to Hatter. Trainer hero got hoarded for any future 5 star yellow. :slight_smile:


Maxed Joon and added max Drake (replacing max Rigard) since the last time. Blasted right through it without items or deaths. Trainer will be used to finish off Gretel in a couple days.


Well since I ran this with Wu, Li Xiu, Boril, Rigard and Mnesseus I was forced to bring Space Wars out of mothballs and employee it against the final bosses.

Why does the good Friar Tuck not perform as well when he’s in my lineup? The fat guy is holding back it seems?


You have Wu and Wilbur talented, which I don’t. But I use this tactic 2 W in event challenges, not only at trials. In 99 out of 100 battles, if you charge Wilbur then Wu and use 5 tornado (sometimes is over already after 2-3), you don’t even need another hero and doesn’t take a minute. Beside tornado, I would take those 10 healing potion (you did good), axes (bombs are better, of course) and another 5 healing potion because you don’t have Rigard. Important is to make it to stage 3 with the 2 W alive and ready to be used. Only an incredible bad luck at puzzle could result in losing.


Lol I know right, Friar Tuck is infuriating as a boss, but whenever I bring him to a war - or to one of these Trials - he really lets me down! i wanted a Friar Tuck vs. Friar Tuck final battle, but noooo. My Friar can’t even survive the first mob of stage 3…


Hard to have enough firepower as Gafar die early… But Boril’s Riposte work good even against normal attack…

Do not have him yet…

I try to replace Boril with Li Xiu (both 3/60) but fail and lost 20 flags… So I decided to keep Boril, which means only slight changr in level and emblem…

Old Team:

New Team:

No effect…

10 Healing Potions
5 Minor Mana Potions
4 Arrow Attacks
5 Bomb Attacks

Saving it…

Wu Kong… Next trials I will have Wu Kong and Joon ready…


My team last time.

My team this time. Brought in Gafar for this attempt.

  • On the bench: Ariel, Elk 3.70, Rigs, Agwe 3.60, Valeria, Wu, Li Xiu

I’m not currently leveling any Clerics or Monks, so these will probably be my options for next time, as well.

I got to the bosses sooner than anticipated, with Tarlak’s special already going. I mana’ed up Wilbur to cast, and Friar resisted the debuff. Both Hansel and Gafar were resisted, as well, but it ultimately didn’t matter. With this many green tiles on the board and Wilbur’s def down on the front line, it didn’t take long.

Two moves in, and nearly everyone is finished.

One red match was enough to drop Tuck. This was probably the fastest stage 3 trials boss fight I have had.

Trainer goes to Musashi, emblems to Ma North and the Tarlak-Wilbur emblem sharing collective.


Did not have a roster screenshot to steal from the last time, so this’ll have to do:

My team this time. Decided to drop Boril since the end bosses weren’t worth the riposte, and that’s not even including the fact that Wilbur makes the riposte ineffective, anyway.

I tried just slogging through the end bosses, but an unlucky Joon snipe on Wu Kong made that unworkable. That and I’d had a super frustrating morning, so I just decided to nuke and wash my hands of it.

Vivica was able to go to +2, but Wilbur was 10 short of getting to +20, sadly. Since I’m leveling up an Owl for fun, and he’s being stubborn with his skill ups, the trainer is going to go to the Queen, but only after I get enough for a 10 feed to be more food efficient.

Thanks as always for the thread, zephyr :+1:


wow, very expensive… I do not have tornado left, I have 1 time stop, and now i create more… maybe I can try using 4 or 5 time stop instead? but if I use: heal - heal - timestop - bomb.
At the mobs I’m sure using bunch of heal, I usually use axes to reduce attack from mobs. Or should I use one slot for mana? so I can rehcarge Wilbur since from begining?


Idk to say. The duo Wilbur-Wu requires nice combos to be successful. You can’t rely on the puzzle you get. Should have just in case some tornados. And yes… In the beginning of stage 3 Wilbur and Wu should be full of mana.

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Okay another try…
Using the same teams and different items (10xheal - 5xAxes - 5xTimeStop - 5xBomb), let see the result,… drumb bell please… :drum:

I already use 80% (8x of 10 heal) and 1 axes in start of boss stage! :open_mouth: :sweat_smile: but nevermind, I want to know what the rest items can do, and specially TimeStop.

Well, I after using the right time, so before boss mana full I use TimeStop,… and the result is comfortable, they drop mana to zero, and delay the slash attacks… wow… :open_mouth:

So, use 3x ManaStop and 3 bombs, all gone… puff! Victory!

:tada: Well now, all 10 trials is finished stage 3! Achivement done, next achievement is use without too many expensive items.

Emblems Monk for Wilbur, Cleric keep for Rigard (later after I can get from TC20 or summon).
Trainer for Poseidon.

Thank you @Scarecrow for the suggestion! :+1:


I’m very glad you did it! But you should consider to make tornado anytime you have some extra iron. They are very useful, everywhere. Especially to titans, trials and legendary challenge. I produce around 100 in a month. Yes, are expensive, but worth it.

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I know it, and I already did it many time against titan, very good result, but for now I’m lacking of Irons, my posisition building right now is: SH21, Iron Storage not all max, Food storage also not yet all max. I still focus to open and research hunter lodge.

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Yes, hunter lodge is important too, for harpoons. Good luck!

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Forgot to take screens, again. This is the second time I’ve finished TofP, but don’t remember my original team either. I used Wu, Li, boril, Rigard, and Hansel. The fight was pretty one sided without much issue. I started the final bosses with 2 dragons and 2 bombs to soften them up and they just fell apart within 3 moves, 3rd was a cascade that wiped them all out.
Trainer went to Hu as he’s my last yellow before I start on Justice.


OK I also edit my reply…
Welldone :+1: wow Rigard, I hope I can get one someday… :wink:

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Yessir, those healers make a big difference when going up against the mobs before the boss. Lets you prep the whole team and ghost what you need before stepping into the last arena, all while saving on potions.

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No items needed,
trainer to Guardian Owl,
emblems saved.


The last battle was long, due to a lack of hitters on my side. I had Boril which ding attack as tank, Wu Kong that only strengthen hits and Rigard which can basically heal. My only attack specials was that of Alkanen and The Hatter. Alkanen sist st 1:12 and was taken out early. I used a revive scroll to bring him back but lost him again. The Hatter was key to take take Joon out. I just kept stealing Boril’s counter attack, combined with my own Boril Joon did not last long. I then manage to take out Boril by just continuing to steal his counter attack and avoiding Frair Tuck. With Frair Tuck it was a long drawn out battle… The Hatter does not punch hard enough. It was a case of waiting for a role of tiles after firing up Wu Kong that won the match.