Screen resolution problems on Samsung S8 since Apr 9 patch


Do you know of this issue?

I’ve got those wooden panels also. Damn annoying. I wish they were gone.

Anyone paying attentiin to this as it really is terrible to fight like this!

What’s with the annoying wooden panels/edges in the game arena? I don’t mind one behind the heroes but the other in the upper screen is awful. Get rid of it please! I’m using samsung s8.

I have logged this as well …

“Full screen!”

Look in this section

I’m betting this is a result of samsung’s non-standard resolution. I’m getting an s9+ tomorrow so I’ll be able to check it out first hand.

I have seen @Xero786 also have this view on his vids.

@Rook @Coppersky maybe merge with this?

Yeah i have it. It annoyed me at first but i got used to it lol.

Thanks Kahree. Merged.

I kin of like the wooden panel on my screen. Feels like I am entering a battleroom…

Hi, yes new devices with non-standard aspect ratios (such as iPhone X and Samsung S8) have the added panels in the battle view. These were added so that the distance from matchboard to enemies is same across all devices.


It is terrible!

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Once again i come back to this annoying resolution/wooden panel case. I started to get used to it but then i noticed that it hides certain parts of the game behind it! I was fighting against 7* Kraken and it’s claw was behind it and monster called Tritonic Mage when using it’s special skill, the text goes behind the panel. I’d say that problem is quite vain but come on! You’re fantastic hit game wizards, you can do better!

Pic included! (And no, that’s not my def team in the pic :smiley: )

“What will you do? Brother”…

i’ll unleash the Hulkster himself if u don’t fix my screen problem, he’ll leg drop yer arses :wink:

Hi Behemoth, could you send us a support request through the game so we can investigate the cropped image?

Done. You got mail :slight_smile:

Problem is that different phones have different sizes of the screen. Android (Go settings / display → Full screen apps) and select game.

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