Saoirse, mitsuki or c marj for red tank

All maxed and emblemed… Forgot how to do a poll. How do I?

Do you have ferant? 4* but better than your choices.

If not, mits would be decent with the blue reflect and mana cut

  • Saiorse
  • Mitsuko
  • C.Marjana

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I don’t. Red tanks been a pain

Thx! Well have Ebba in this question now as well

I went from Mitsuko to C Vanda to Khufu on my defense. Mits worked well until I got better heroes.

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The crazy thing with Mitsuko is that when I see her on defense, I will attack one of the flanks. No way am I bringing in any Ice heroes. Saoirse would be a decent enough tank if you have a couple other Slayers to help with the family bonus. But that’s about it. BK, Kong and Khufu might be the best bet for Fire tanks. But in your case, OP, Mitsuko for the mana cut and strong flanks.

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Smart, I’ll only bring ice is Iris to have the buff reset. Her and guardian kong can be a real pain.