🎅 Santa's Challenge 2019: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Christmas Event

I don’t know man. I can’t remember my exact team on my alt but I think it was Scarlett +9, Wilbur, Wu, Boldtusk and Rigard +18 and didn’t have any trouble. I’d give it a whirl with Gormek and try to set up some red tiles. If you go mana/time stops, bombs, axes and dragon attacks, you only need to shave off a marginal amount of hp off of north (5200 I think minus 4500 from the carpet bomb).

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After carpet bombing It is about 1200 left for Mother North and Santa and about 850 for Buddy.

Still much better than full health

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I havnt bothered with normal Maybe SG need to review the rewards for next time.

What is to bother with? Instead to spend WE on 8-7 or whatever mission you farm every day (excepting AR duration), you can let on autoplay for much better loot on normal mode (XP and craft materials) :man_facepalming:


I managed to finish the final stage on hard difficulty this morning.

Team lineup:
Wu Kong (max)
Melendor (4-44)
Hawkmoon (costumed +14)
Kelile (3-60)
Wilbur (4-61)
total Team score: 3149

Brought time stops, Bombs, small and medium mana potions

Did accumulate red tiles on the left side before the boss stage and went in all specials charged.
Then Wilbur for the defense down, Melendor to cancel the shared damage, Hawkmoon for attack buff, Kelile and finally Wilbur. Mother Nord went down right away after 8 red tiles hit her.

Then I kept the Buffs for my team active with mana potions, used a time stop to keep the enemys from minion spamming. Buddy went down shortly after that, and Santa had no chance all alone.

Finished with all 5 heros alive and most items remaining.

But it took me a while to figure that strategy out (like 4-5 tries)

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I used harpoons

([Warning!, Tip, Danger!] 🎶 Drunken Santa ( apologies to the Irish Rovers ) or Battle item targeting and harpoons in Santa's Challenge)


I was quite proud of my ftp account. I was not only surprised that I beat it in the first place, but surprised that I was able to do without continues (I was ready to do it)

My team: Anzogh (3/70), Sir Lancelot (+10), Scarlett (3/60), Proteus (+7), Melendor (Costumed +10)
Items: Axes, Arrows, Medium Mana Pots, Little mana Pots
Strategy: Used all items immediately, went in with all heroes lit up. Kept Proteus doin his job.

Got the rings.

Ascended Anzogh almost immediately.

My main account was a foregone conclusion to finish, but it was:

Zim, Natalya (+4), Elena, Falcon (+20), Ariel (+12) – Brought bombs, axes, medium and large mana. Only ended up using large mana.

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Read all of the advices placed above and seen a dozen of videos in YouTube on this topic. Tried 3 times only with classic epic heroes and finally 4th attempt did it!!

with this team it was pretty easy !!! 2 heroes not fully leveled… Used most of the potions, 4 bombs and 2 time stops. None of the bosses fired!


Tried is with my dear three, wearing the most beautiful green dresses the world ever seen, Ladies.They were entering Santas Village like guests of honour at Tsar Catherines New Years Eve Ball, flanked by a honoroble samurai from the Land of the Rising Sun and a brave, distingueshed knight and king from Brexit-Land.
Ladies danced with Santa and playing with the Hobbit on pills while the gentlemen had tea and cookies with Granny. They were so overwhelmed from the guests that we got at the end a lot of presents and an invitation for next year.

King Arthur


10 Points for the poetic description!!! Merry Christmas!!


:slight_smile: …Thank you…:blush:
Merry Christmas, Christine.

Hmm just because the deals that have the same price as today’s winter deal have the same format (ie the ones that are $29.99, £28.99 or whatever it is in your currency) I’m wondering if the absence of a flask in the deal was a mistake or not. In previous windows the deal has been 2800 gems, 2 EHT, 3 ETT, 1 x 4* AM, 2 3* AMs, 1 4x 4* Crafting Material, 1 2x 4* Crafting Material and a flask but today it’s the same format but with a flask missing.

Welcome to the Forum!

Do you mean you kept using continues with Gems, and spent over 12,000 Gems on the continues?

Santa and Buddy cause Attack debuffs, and Mother North heals — plus they all make Minions. All of that is why they’re very difficult Bosses.

I assume that’s what you mean by them not taking damage, that you’re not making much impact against them?

What heroes did you take for Stage 24?


Colen 4th Ascension Level 70 (Talent Grid 10), Master Lepus 4th Ascension Level 80, Cyprian FULLY MAXED-OUT, Kadilen 4th Ascension Level 70, and Caedmon 4th Ascension Level 70 (Talent Grid 16) - 3911 Power overall!!!

Team Power alone isn’t a very useful indicator, as synergy matters a lot.

Those are individually good heroes, but they don’t do much to address the challenges that Santa, Mother North, and Buddy present.

  • You don’t have any healer to help keep your heroes alive

  • You don’t have any hero to clear the attack and defense debuffs or overwrite them with buffs

  • You don’t have any Mana controllers to help prevent Mother North from firing

Cyprian can be a decent option, since Buddy hits 3, and Santa hits all — so there’s a good chance for his Riposte to do some counter damage. But that alone won’t be enough to keep up with Mother North.

If you lack many alternative options, nuking the Bosses with items is an effective strategy.

Dragon Attacks, Bomb Attacks, and Axe Attacks are useful. All the better if you can bring Harpoons too — that mix is enough to kill them outright.

You can find a lot of discussion of that here: 🎅 Santa's Challenge 2019: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Christmas Event


I agree.

Even @madmarv found it hard

(🎅 Santa's Challenge 2019: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Christmas Event)

After 2x fails, I found harpoons, and quickly killing Mothe North, are the only way to complete it.

([Warning!, Tip, Danger!] 🎶 Drunken Santa ( apologies to the Irish Rovers ) or Battle item targeting and harpoons in Santa's Challenge)


I went the mana control plus heavy damage route (Proteus and Time Stops; Boldtusk, Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett; bonus that it gives counters to the attack and defense debuffs too):


On my alt which couldn’t just overpower it…

I used Rigard, Wu, Elena, Proteus, Boldtusk.

I brought medium mana, large health, bombs, and dragon attacks.

I used a couple health to help get my team rolling because of a bad starting boards… didn’t need anything through the other normal waves… got to the last stage after loading all specials on 3/4… used mana to keep proteus mana stop on them… used tiles to get them low enough… then dumped 3500 damage from the bombs and dragon attacks.

Collected loot.


As I found out on my 2x fails, Santa’s 5% minion heal all allies and Buddy 's 5% minion heal nearby allies is SIGNIFICANT when 5% is 4300 or 4500 HP.

Colen also suffers from Original Hero Syndrome, Colen’s DOT are too spread out for a strong healer boss and two other minor healing bosses.


Who would you use if you didn’t have Falcon as tank?

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