Rogue Titan Assassins are recruiting! 3 open slots. International, active alliance with a family vibe. 12* Titans

Hail Future Assassins!

Rogue Titan Assassins (RTA) is looking for 3 members to join our cause. We are an active alliance, killing 12* titans pretty easily and with 3 more active members we would be able to bump that up to 13* nearly immediately.

We have members from all over the globe and its been one of my great pleasures to be able to make friends from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

All our requirements are in the graphic above, but to refresh:

  • 2200 cups.

  • War is optional but all flags used if you are opted in.

  • Minimum 80K damage on titans.

We use Line and in-game to communicate and we recommend you do as well, its the best way to get to know the team but Line is not mandatory

If you are looking for a new home, either search for Rogue Titan Assassins in game or get in touch with our fearless leader on Line: dragonladyt

I hope we can battle together side by side some day soon

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