Rising Steel recruiting

Rising Steel alliance is recruiting new members. Our alliance has been around for over 6 years but due to older members losing interest in the game we’ve been struggling to maintain membership. If you’re thinking about joining an alliance or looking for a more active alliance, we may be the one for you if you believe the following for the game:

  • This is just a game
  • Work/family come first
  • No politics/drama or other BS
  • We use all hits in war and use a 3/2 color line up for war hits
  • If you cant participate in an upcoming war, we understand, we just ask that you opt out in time if possible
  • We hit the titan whenever we can. Some of them get destroyed so quickly that not all members get to use hits. That’s okay
  • Sometimes stuff happens and members cant get on and we don’t make a big fuss about it
  • We’ve been playing together for quite some time but will welcome you as a friend
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Still plenty of openings