Rigard cleasing didn't work

Hi, I was fighting and had Rigard charges to the maximum. Magnum had revived at 1 of life and all ennemies had a ripost ailment.
I activated Rigard and not only he did not clean the ripost from ennemies but he didn’t heal Magnum at all. Here is a screenshot just after I realised Rigard didn’t work.

Can anyone explain me why or is it a bug?
Also in other battles today, Rigard never got charged at all but didn’t realised something was wrong until he didn’t cleanse nor healed but I thought it was because I selected the wrong troup.

Rigard cleans your team’s bad ailments, not the enemies’ buffs. You need Sabina for that.


Costumed Rigard doesn’t cleanse buffs from enemies. He cleanses your team of ailments. Also his heal is a heal over time and as your picture shows all your heroes have the heart icon with the green arrows. They will get healing over the next few turns as a result. It’s working as intended.

My bad for mistaking it with Sabina! But he didn’t healed my team later. Anyway, I’ll keep a eye on any problem Rigard could make.
Thanks all!

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