Reroll fast

Tired to click reroll button again and again in order to find a weaker oponent.

Can u pls add a new button who will performs all rerolls needed in one single click, in order to find an oponent with same or less team power?


In related news, there has been a recent surge in complaints about people losing upwards of 1 million food.

It WOULD be cool to have a “reroll until I find X color tank”
Then I would troll people and tell them “you get free summons if you select green”

in all seriousness, I wouldn’t worry about team power. Team power is irrelevant when compared to synergy. Stack 3 of one color, bring a healer of another color and your best hero in another color, and you’ll have better results than if you didn’t stack on the whole.


I would chosse to lose 1 milion food in one click not in 1000 clicks.

My point is: try not to re–roll too much. Food is precious. I’d suggest going after the tanks you are strongest against and trying to raid differently.

My food it’s too precious.
I never reroll.
What is reroll?
Just go to battle field and fight the fight!

Reroll for iron above 15

I wouldn’t necessarily go after a “weaker” opponent all too often either. RNGesus may expect more of you and drop a poop bomb of a tile board on you for the first 10-15 moves from the puzzle fully expecting you to either overcome and win, or give up and lose.

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I actually go after the teams between 4300-4500tp. I get more trophies if I win but lose less if I don’t. I do look for teams with 2 or 3 of one color though. I color stack about 95% of the time.That way as long as tiles are decent I have a shot. So if you do 5 raids against higher teams and win 3 @ 40 trophies each and lose 2 @ 20 trophies each you are up 80 trophies for those 5. Less rerolling as well…:sunglasses:

You could always raid me when I’m sitting around 2600 cups. I have a sub-4100 defense and am usually easily beaten by top players.

I don’t reroll. if u win a strong team you get a lot of trophies if u lose it’s not to bad a couple of trophies but that’s it
If u reroll those strong teams you waste food and might get a smaller team so u win that team your trophy level goes up stronger teams which results in more rerolls and more waste food

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