Rematch but no more flags

After I updated, I decided to do some raids. On my sixth flag, I lost and pressed the rematch button. I obviously don’t have any flags left, and I do not wish to use a flask. So I pressed the X to go back to my Stronghold. But instead, I am brought back to the screen with the choice to rematch or go to a new opponent. Because of this, I am forced to either wait an hour for a new flag while not being able to do anything else, use a raid flask, or not do a rematch. This did not occur before the update.
Has this happened to anyone else?

This is something new…maybe wait untill all get V22 to see if its a bug…
But you can go out of raid menu only if you close the game or?

Hmm… I didn’t try closing out of the game in case I lost my rematch. I decided to go eat lunch while waiting for my new flag.

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Smart move😉
20 lunch bags

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Food solves all problems :laughing:

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