Recruits in raids


I read somewhere that there is consideration to earning recruits in raids. Any truth to this? How about information? Is it stealing recruits from the person you raid? Or just earning the (the latter makes less sense)? Then if you use your recruits, you should be safe, no? Will number of recruits be listed? Thanks in advance.


I saw this mentioned in a recent thread. Later in that thread, the poster seemed to admit to trolling the devs.


Thanks. So no truth as of now.


Just that is all I know. But, been wrong before…alot.


i read that too about gaining recruits for raids, it is being considered but not implemented yet


I think you’ve gone a little off topic. If @Bud is correct, this thread can be closed.


I don’t think I can. Need to have high enough privileges unless I’m mistaken.

I’d be happily corrected if I’m wrong.

I’m kind of interested in it staying open though. To get some confirmation of what @Bud said.


I can close if requested. Just tag when you’re ready: @Rook

Interesting topic!


Going back to this topic. Has anyone figured out yet if you lose recruits or is it simply a bonus. See screen shot below. Top one is first with new update. I earned 3 recruits but it does not indicate it here. What have people observed?


I am wondering this too…is it a ■■■-4-tat system. Does the winner take our recruits and we take theirs if we win?


It is a bonus. Yesterday, I left 41 recruits out and returned to 110 less cups, but still 41 recruits.


That’s what I’m noticing too. Thanks.