Rebalancing 5* heroes to make all of them viable and desirable - feel free to add your ideas

I like this thread, lots of cool ideas!

As already mentioned there’s no need in mass damage heroes in current game modes so i think all of them should be fully rebuilded to fitt in current game modes - more 5* buffers\ debuffers\healers

and please remove - life steal mechanic for 1 hero from the game its team game nobody need that weak self heal, replace it with blind on all that heroes

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Cyprian, Boril, (most underrated and under appreciated)

Leonidas, Elkanen, Kadilen, Richard, Quintus, Thorne, most boring heroes in the game

Woot, I must’ve missed some memo :o Didn’t see any changes being done to him.

What do you mean Cyprian and Boril are under appreciated? There’s more dwarves in the defense teams than my patience can handle. I have to pull out my weak Sonya sometimes just to spare myself the groaning :slight_smile:

I also like my Cyprian. Especially in raids (well, probably only in raids nowadays). How else would I defeat those pesky Liannas? Either she kills herself or she isn’t dying lmao.

I found Obakan’s card in the game today. That was quite a change there. I’m gonna go hug my Thoth lol.

I like a lot of these ideas. I would love to see something done to Elkanen because he is worthless as is. I tried to use him to attack a blue Titan, figuring having two heroes with good green troops would at least be good. Nope. Switched for Sartana and did much more damage.

I think your suggestion is fair. At the very least, give him bonus attack against blue (similar to Hel on yellow, etc.) so he could at least be a good specialist when fighting blues in raids and Titan hunts.

This is my opinion about some 5* heroes, give me your opinion (i may be wrong, they are notpopular so i don’t play a lot against them)

I will start with Khagan, good stats, good power, just a bad mana speed. What about changing his mana speed to average ?

Elena: She has a riposte power, but when she does her ability (if she is not dead), she has very low hp, she is about to die, and without a good healer (can have only vivica for free), her power is a waste.
What about buffing her defense ? (New! All Updated Hero Rosters , she has only 2699 stats, she can gains 50 defense easily, or low a lil her attack and max a lot her defense)

Quintus, maybe change his ability, more damage or a buff for nearby allies (something like merlin but for allies, when nearby allies are full mana, they emit an electrical charge that deals 100% damage, or something like that)

Leonidas. what about, deals minor damages to nearby ennemies ? but low the mana to target only.

Elkanen: Maybe a defense bonus to his ability, like gets +34% defense,or a defense buff against special skill so he will be playable as a tank.

Kadilen: Allies gain lifesteal (10%), increase by 5% when allies get hits (up to 50%)

Thorne: i like your idea where he takes damage for allies.

Richard: hard one, don’t know wha he can do more, maybe a green shield for him.

Some other heroes need changes, but here are the priorities in my opinion.

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How did I miss this thread? Lots of good idea here.

It’s worth noting that some changes have been made since the OP. The buffs were in the right direction but not enough, IMO.

Some ideas to parallel the OP:


  • Azlar – Add a native defense boost against fire (that is, a higher effective defense stat against fire, not tied to his special). Extend this boost to all allies for 4 turns as part of the special.
  • Kong – Rarely seen because he’s not particularly effective. Make his attack extra effective against Nature. Add 10% heal to all allies.


  • Perseus – Change from single-target to splash, keeping % damage. All targets afflicted by no-heal. (Compare to Hel.)
  • Richard – Add 3-round Silence (borrowed from Cabin Boy Peters) to the attack debuff.
  • Thorne – either the tank effect in the OP or Taunt: % chance that any attack will be targeted at caster instead of intended target, inflicting half-damage.


  • Lady Locke – Big improvement with shift to 4-round damage. Add 4-round attack debuff as well to make her somewhat useful against Titans for something other than her tile damage.
  • Kadilen – Better now with 3-round shield, but still very situational. I like the mini-riposte idea.
  • Elkanen – it’s clear that whatever internal scoring system SG uses to rank special abilities puts way too much weight on self-heal (Elkanen, Musashi, etc.). Make it meaningful by extending to all allies.


  • Musashi – is fine as is.
  • Justice – Needs a little help. Moving to average mana may be too much. Perhaps a shield against Dark for self and nearby?
  • Owl – as I suggested elsewhere, adjust Owl’s mana regeneration to accelerate as allies die. He starts off as very slow mana, but would end up as average, or even fast, when standing alone.


  • Obakan – needs some love. Extend his Perfect Riposte to nearby allies. (Riposte is really only good to skewer area attacks; having it on one hero doesn’t go very far.)
  • Quintus – Additional special: adds 20% mana to all allies. He’s charging them up!
  • Domitia – Fast mana, reduce Holy shield as compensation. Compare to Magni.
  • Sargasso – Good improvements with 1.10. Suggest a further up tweak of healing debuff to 80%

Hopeless, but rare.


Even two 4 :star: heroes could gain some additional effects, like

Caedmon and Sonya: (better Tyrum) Decrease elemental defense

For the 5 :star: list I agree with most of the listed heroes but id keep Justice’s slow speed and adding a 3 target dark element defense and adding to Musashi a 3 turn perfect riposte effect (making him gain health back from it with his special)

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Justice was run at tank for how long for several top players everyone has heard of?

For AW he’s even more amazing.

I know this is all spitballing but there needs to be some target you’re balancing around: buff Azlar but not Musa? Making Richard godlike for raid attacking? Caed needs a buff? He’s already one of the top raid attacking 4*'s.

I’d note most of these are defensive minded buffs: not every hero has to be fantastic at all phases of the game, and half of the suggestions are making good defensive heroes even better… to what end? It looks like raid changes at a pass, but that affects other places in game too.

I really like these!

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BS Musashi is fine the way he is? Dude needs blind : extra damage to dark; or the target and nearby enemies get -54% defense against Holy for 5 turns.

Changes can be made to be adjusted with the new extra skill.

On one hand, I’m not a fan of constantly changing heroes. What if I liked the hero the way he was, then I put my precious ascension materials in a hero that I do not like anymore. That would be a major turn-off for me

On the other hand, I agree with pretty much everything you say, and do agree that there are some heroes that could really used some lovin’.

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@Ellilea I love these ideas. I have a thorne and he’s just so boring it would be nice if he can increase mana regen for the whole team or increase defense or another version of spirit link (+25defense +25 attack and share damage)

Also to add to this thread. I think it would be cool if we can merge heroes. DEV can find a way to incorporate new materials needed to merge two heroes and have their special attack merged as well.

My idea would be taking one star or two stars heroes and merge them to produce a 3 star. Merging two 3 star to produce 4* and merging 4* stars to get 5* heroes.

This way all heroes will have a value.


Delilah is clearly the love-child of Thoth and Vivica. :face_with_monocle::smirk:


It always bugs me that one 5* can be a “single” meh skill hero like “deals X% damage” while some others have a list of specials so long that you have to scroll down to see them all. I’d love to see some totally new skills maybe? Like Delilah’s and Toth’s minion special is rare and cool, maybe something of that rarity? IDK like when one of the Lamers’ hits the target it drains a little HP for a few rounds and after the target dies it ‘exploads’ & does some minor damage to nearby allies.

Thorne is so lame it’s kinda sad. :frowning:

The original hero set is pretty bland—of the 5*, three do nothing but hit (Lianna, Thorne, Quintus). The trend seems to be increasing complexity—so much so that they had to make the Special description box scrollable in the last release.

At some level I prefer the earlier simplicity. One reason I love Zeline is that she blows all those fancy Ares/Guinevere/Alberich/Lancelot/etc. buffs away.

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I am loving these static-type Quintus ideas

I know I’m late to the conversation, but when this thread started, I had only just downloaded the game!

A few thoughts (not related to specific heroes, but rather ideas for future specials, maybe):

It would be really cool to see someone as a tank in the MMO tradition (i.e. with a taunt type ability). Like a stupid high defense stat and then the special ability is “all damage for x turns is directed at this hero.”

Also the “bomb” type: Deals damage when killed (AOE or single).

How about a straight up “Confuse” such as “causes the target to attack an ally instead of an enemy” (similar to Merlin ability, but retaining the actual special). A great ability for raid offense. Probably would need to be slow mana generation or something.

Drain mana.

Maybe a couple more “gambler” abilities a la Wu Kong. For instance: One-shot kill one random enemy while restoring 50% of damage dealt to another random enemy. Or: Sacrifice a random ally to do 200% of their HP damage split among all remaining enemies.

How about making Alberich mana generation back to normal.

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