Rebalancing 5* heroes to make all of them viable and desirable - feel free to add your ideas

This is my opinion about some 5* heroes, give me your opinion (i may be wrong, they are notpopular so i don’t play a lot against them)

I will start with Khagan, good stats, good power, just a bad mana speed. What about changing his mana speed to average ?

Elena: She has a riposte power, but when she does her ability (if she is not dead), she has very low hp, she is about to die, and without a good healer (can have only vivica for free), her power is a waste.
What about buffing her defense ? (New! All Updated Hero Rosters (including costumed heroes, trainer heroes and family bonuses) , she has only 2699 stats, she can gains 50 defense easily, or low a lil her attack and max a lot her defense)

Quintus, maybe change his ability, more damage or a buff for nearby allies (something like merlin but for allies, when nearby allies are full mana, they emit an electrical charge that deals 100% damage, or something like that)

Leonidas. what about, deals minor damages to nearby ennemies ? but low the mana to target only.

Elkanen: Maybe a defense bonus to his ability, like gets +34% defense,or a defense buff against special skill so he will be playable as a tank.

Kadilen: Allies gain lifesteal (10%), increase by 5% when allies get hits (up to 50%)

Thorne: i like your idea where he takes damage for allies.

Richard: hard one, don’t know wha he can do more, maybe a green shield for him.

Some other heroes need changes, but here are the priorities in my opinion.

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