Ratatoskr or Francine

Hi guys,

I can level up Francine or Ratatoskr. My only green 5* is Telluria fully ascended and emblemed.

Thx for your help !

Francine 1,000,000,000%

Why Francine ? Is she good on defense team ?

She is good flanking a red tank. BTW , ratatoskr is better suited as offensive healer for example against titan than in a defense team.

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i don´t have Francine but i do have Ratatoskr.

The fact that you have Telluria makes me wonder why you ask if Francine is good on defense :thinking:
Anyway , i vote for Francine as well. Her cleansing for 3 turns is just amazing


This is what I was thinking. If you have Telluria you’ll use her as your main green healer probably. Francine will help that team in raids. Rat would be good if your focus is titans, but he can do just as well at 3/70 for titans.

Yeah I ased for her on defense as we tank in red in war.

Thank for your reply guys !

Then yes, go ahead with Francine. His extra damage against ice could be very useful flanking a red tank plus the cleanse thing. Better than rata in defense


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