Rare blue Titan and Mitsuko

So there’s an order of operations bug with this rare blue Titan and Mitsuko’s special ability (reflect blue):

According to this it should:

  1. Do damage, which is reflected (works)
  2. Buff itself (works)
  3. Dispel, which is reflected (partial)

The issue is it doesn’t dispel the buff in the previous step. It doesn’t dispel my heroes either, which is correct.

Either dispel the buff or fix the listed order so it dispels, then buffs.

I don’t think a “Dispell” is reflected as it isn’t considered a Status Effect…

It’s a special skill effect & as such is “blocked” by the reflect but I don’t think it is counted as a Status Effect & as such doesn’t get “reflected”

I could be wrong as I don’t have Mitsuko so can’t really test in raids etc…

@DaveCozy, resident expert on Status Effects?


Ah, could be a block, you’re right. I’ve seen some status effects like Miki’s silence reflect, but can’t be sure about dispel. I was certainly hoping for it though!

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All status effects do reflect its just that the cleanse/ dispell isn’t a status effect but just a special effect…

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Miki is silence immune.

Correct, the dispel is an effect (but not a status effect), and it is only blocked by Mitsuko. The dispel is basically ignored if it comes from a blue hero towards Mitsuko’s blue reflect barrier

Mana reductions are treated the same way. Leonidas mana cut for e.g. won’t affect Ursena under her buff, but it won’t be reflected either – simply gets ignored.


It’s nice to get better understanding of the game but bringing a red hero against a blue titan is not a thing I would do.

Thanks Dave. Accepted Guvnor’s response since he was first, but appreciate the additional insight.


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