Ranvir and Wukong Special Skill Presentation

I have just noticed that Ravir and Wu Kong skill effect presentation are different.

Anyone know why?

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Ranvirs has a heart because his effect is only active if the target has more hp than him. That’s what the little heart is supposed to represent.


a member in my alliance has a wukong and also hanzel, but according to him the effect of missing wukong on hanzel is greater than the other heroes. why did this happen?

Well I guess because you don’t just miss out on the damage, you miss out on his very important mana control. So where you want to apply a debuff as part of an attack it is more damaging to miss, and that might be what your alliance mate means

yeahhh,my alliance members say Hanzel’s special attacks miss more often than other heroes when the wukong special effects are in progress.

It just seems that way. Especially when you need it to hit. But overall it’s a 32% miss chance

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