Raiding is Boring, Time to Make It Fun

I think you hit the nail on the head with the same defense thing. I run 2 2 1 rainbow and 2 1 1 1 but lately I feel the aggravation always facing the same teams. It literally comes down to decent board or not or how high there troops are. This is overly significant in diamond. When I worked my way through gold and platinum there were so many different teams but when I got to diamond is just way to many same defenses.

Another issue I think ties with this is that raiding is really the only place to use your mana controllers and certain heroes specials never get to shine because none of the maps on season 2 have any boards with mana heroes until the end which means you rarely get to practice anything exciting as you always countering the same heroes. I feel that if there were mana heroe board like season one people could defnitely try out way more builds instead of finally leveling someone up enough to hope they do well on a backup war team.

I tried mono but it was like have 5 wu kongs to me I just cant limit my board that much and call it enjoyable.

Diversity i feel is the bighestbissie and why raids are getting stale. Way to many heroes are never even seen on defense teams anymore


On topic, my solution the past half year or so for the boring raid conundrum was to simply not fill raid chests.

You haven’t found that problematic for Iron/Food/Recruits, and the random occasionally good loot?

Well I mean, my solution for that was to… not build buildings all the time, not make items…

There’s a reason I’ve been playing for a year and still only has a single maxed 5 star and like 8 maxed 4 stars (4 of which were maxed after coming to the forums and seeing your guys’ advice a month ago) despite being not completely f2p :stuck_out_tongue:

On the topic of mono vs rainbow, I am obviously not an expert and I don’t have roster depth to try different optimal combos. I don’t really have any optimal combos to play with at all, I have like no snipers.

But, what I’ve found is that rainbow is less RNG IF and only IF the opponent TP rating is similar or lower than mine. I can’t beat teams with higher TP than mine with rainbow, period.

With stacking, I might lose battles I really shouldn’t be losing for any reason (I lost against a 2600 4-1 stacked defense team with my 3600 team yesterday o_o) but, I can beat teams with 300-400 higher TP than mine with some consistency too.

edit2: forgot to add, another benefit to stacking for me is, battles are way shorter. I don’t know how many of my rainbow battles have gone on for max time limit because I don’t do enough damage before opponent’s lone healer heals. This isn’t even always in AW field aid; sometimes it’s just normal raids. And of course, time is valuable.

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@zephyr1 Maybe try an all one family offense? Like all Atlantis or all wonderland? Depending on who you have of course.

I’ve actually used the Proteus-Triton-Gadeirus trio in War many, many times.

For a team solely around one Family, I don’t have 5 4*/5* in any one Family together — the closest I could come is Proteus/Triton/Gadeirus/2 repeats (I have 4x Proteus, 2x Triton, 2x Gadeirus maxed), or Inari/Danzaburo/Sumitomo.

Maybe I could try doing 5 of the same Class. :thinking:

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RNG decided to remind me that they can be worthwhile.

Just got this right now:

That’s number 16, so things are looking good for this plan:


Rainbow healers is fun to do sometimes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
For me personally I have the opposite feelings towards raids than you do. Because I spent the last year with my pre made teams and would just use mono to fill chests quickly. Lately I’ve been trying out different teams and I’ve been having fun making teams, whereas you think it’s a chore to build teams :joy:
I’ve been enjoying 3-2 and 4-1 which I never used to use. So is there a composition you just use infrequently? That might be the way to go, trying to have more fun.

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I’ve used 3-2 and Mono the most, so 2-1-1-1, 2-2-1, 4-1, and Rainbow would also be some potential variety.

I’ve experimented with 4-1 in War a bit, and haven’t loved it so far, but I’m sure it would be fine for Raids.

I’ve used 2-2-1 occasionally for specific combos of heroes.

So 2-1-1-1 and Rainbow would be the most infrequent to try — which is why I wondered if Rainbow might be worthwhile to experiment with.

Seems like I should put some teams together to play around with.

I really used to love that, and still do for Tournaments and War.

I just find it tedious for Raids because everything is already so time-consuming that adjusting Troops each time I set a team just gets to be too much.

That’s how I ended up going with presets instead, and buying more team slots.

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I bought team slots too and I have my war teams preset, I use 4-1 for 4 attacks and I have 2 cleanup teams set as 3-2 but those ones I play around with and change up a bit sometimes. And I have 1 team slot for when I feel like building a new team specific for the defense I’m attacking in raids. You don’t like 4-1? I think it’s really good. I think my best results are coming from 4-1 using an off color healer. The tile damage is almost as strong as mono, and getting specials charged should win. And the off color healer helps get there.

Personally I still love raiding,

Raid Tracking

One thing that I’ve been doing a bit recently to keep it interesting for me was to track my performance… It’s a bit labour intensive & time consuming at times but essentially, before I start a raid I take a screenshot of the team (theirs and mine). Then later I input their team, my stack, win/loss and the like into a spreadsheet…

As I said, bit time consuming but it keeps things interesting as I’m trying harder to do better in the spots where I’m falling short…

For example, One of the things I think is most obvious from this assessment is the win/loss ratio both overall and for specific teams I use… I then try mixing things up to see if it gets better or worse…


Another thing that can keep things interesting are raid challenges…

  1. 3* raiding (requires cup dropping)…
    Essentially you drop down to the gold region and start using ONLY 3* heroes in your raids… adds variety etc…
    Same thing cna be done with 2* heroes (just gotta drop down to like silver) and 4* heroes (can be done in platinum or diamond)

  2. Rainbow Raid Challenge
    Essentially you set a rainbow team. Then you take on the next 6 consecutive enemy teams (no rerolls, no changes). Compete with your alliance members etc and see who gets the overall most wins, trophies & food/iron count

  3. 3-hero attack (or 2 hero for a real challenge). Essentially as is in the name… try beating teams using less heroes in your raid team

There are others like going for the highest TP difference win, smallest cup gain (petty revenge) etc…

The other most obvious thing you can do is look through your roster & find the heroes you rarely/never use and bump them up to the top,… only use those heroes and see how well you can do with them.

Finally, you got what others have said above and change up the stacking (go to 2-2-1 or 2-1-1-1 etc…) and try off-colour stacking, weak stacking etc…

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Well, I tried rainbow out. Screwed up as I took the wrong green hero - I always take hatter against Aegir. I still won. Rather impressed with myself.


hehe picking on the little guy!

Poor bloke didn’t even have 5x maxed 5* heroes and you go in smashing away with your Ursena, GM & ariel team (probably buffed to +19 or something rediculous :wink:

Well, now I don’t feel so impressed. They were just next in line in my watchtower. For the record though, here was my team.


poor guy…

He got an extra 20% buff :man_shrugging:

@zephyr1 Who are you missing from the appropriate families?

Raiding is rather time consuming as you can’t autobattle it. So for me Raiding is a thing I do twice a day to fill my chest, and that’s really it now.

I don’t have much more suggestions on how to make it fun or anything. Personally I took the opposite approach and figured out the way I could raid the least while still filling my chests.

If anything, raid tournaments have been the ones that made raiding more fresh for me. Particularly the 3* ones, where I get to use heroes I normally never use now.

EDIT: also when I’m bored of raiding in E&P I switch to raiding in Puzzle Combat :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t know if that helps either.


Well, let’s see…

Missing Misandra, Mok-Arr, Tarlak, Agwe (have him at 1-1)

Missing Kage, Mitsuko — so I was wrong, I could do 4 in this family using 4/5*, I forgot about Ameonna

Missing Ariel, Atomos, Poseidon, Ursena

For Challenge Event families, the only 4*/5* heroes I have are Arthur, Merlin, Hansel, Falcon, and Jackal. So nothing close to a full family.


Agreed, especially on 3*.

5* are about as boring as usual, but I like 4* a lot too.

It’s not available for me yet, at least on iOS…not sure if it’s on Android in the US now.


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