Raid tournament option

Could you add for the tournaments a chance to change 1 or more opponents per day. First tournament i had only very weak opponents. Then was eliminated in the 2nd due to large talent numbers on the opponents. Be nice to fight my weight class.

See, as someone who never leveled up any 3 :star: heroes, I’m actually upset on behalf of the players who did, and actually TRIED this last tourney. I got in the top 1-5% with absolutely no levels on any of my 3 star heroes. I think they should tier team power levels similar to raid brackets. Team power 0-1000 in Bronze, 1000-1500 in Silver and so on (to be clear, this bracket system would need to be refined, because I don’t know 3 star power levels :rofl:). This way you only fight those in your bracket. I also feel they should give each player a precalculated score they would be worth for defeating. For example, a hero is worth 20 points, plus 10 points for each ascension level, and 1 point for each talent. That way a full team of tier 1 level 1 no talent, 3 star bums like my team is only worth 100 points for beating, and can’t make top 1-5%. That would make those upper players (as an example) with fully maxed tier 3 level 50 3 star heroes with 20 talents on each worth 350 points total to defeat. It standardizes the scoring, and prevents players with crappy unleveled teams from facing off against high level teams. It also ensures players who put the effort into their teams wont be standing shoulder to shoulder in the upper rewards brackets with those crap teams that players put nothing into.

I also understand this idea would shaft some players, but I also feel that it could be taken further. I mean, it’s not difficult to max a 3 star, I just never did because my roster is pretty stacked.

So hero scoring formula:
3 star worth 20+10 per ascension+1 per talents=70 points per 3 star.
4 star worth 40+10 per ascension+1 per talent=100 points per 4 star.
5 star worth 60+15 per ascension+2 per talent=140 points per 5 star.

That is for completely maxed heroes. When a 5 star tourney comes around, it should also be limited to 4 and 5 star heroes only, that way it can’t be abused, since not many people have more than 5 talents on a 5 star. Also, in addition to defense rating bonuses, there should be a win streak bonus, or a win percentage bonus for attack. Since A Rating defense gives 900 points, maybe 18-2 win/loss would give an A Rating attack for 900 points.

First one was a bust, but the 2nd one imo fixed a lot of the issues. I noted that I was matched up with stronger opponents that gave more points the more I would win. I also noticed that my defense team got matched up with more opponents the more it would win or lose.

I did also fight a lot of opponents with talented 3 star heroes. But I only lost twice myself… my 3 star bench is fairly deep though, I have 25 of them maxed (not all with nodes) so yeah it makes sense why I could stand my own even against stronger opponents (because I had options to color-stack :wink: ). I myself have talented 3 star heroes too, and ended up in the top 1%.

I think the opponent matchmaking is okay, but I don’t think a re-roll needs to be added. The teams that didn’t get attacked though, or worse the ones that only got attacked once or twice with losses… that is what should be addressed imo. If you check that thread I linked, you’ll also see examples of people who got 1 or 2 losses, and ended up with an E grade because average :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked your scoring system but the power groups would need to be smaller. My team of 3s was up there at 2300 power but the extra 300 they had at 2600+ was too much of a difference. Be the same as you raiding with your 5 star crew taking in teams with 600+ power. You just dont and hit reroll. Thats all i was asking for. Not a nearly guarrenteed loss