Raid basics - cups from wins and losses

While analysing raid battles I got some data on the cups that you win and lose, as well as on the recruits that you get in diamond arena.

sufficient formulas:
cups for a win = round(-1.313 x 10^-18 x C_D^7 + 2.399 x 10^-16 x C_D^6 + 8.18 x 10^-13 x C_D^5 - 6.429 x 10^-11 x C_D^4 - 0.0000002549 x C_D^3 + 0.000004997 x C_D^2 + 0.0867 x C_D + 30.41;0)

cups for a loss = round(4.14 x 10^-13 x C_D^5 + 2.036 x 10^-12 x C_D^4 - 2.226 x 10^-7 x C_D^3 + 5.506 x 10^-7 x C_D^2 + 0.0861 x C_D - 30.51;0)

C_D = cup difference = enemy cups - your cups

Recruits for raid wins in diamond arena:

When you win a raid in diamond you get

  • 4 recruits for a cup difference of -241 and below
  • 5 recruits for a cup difference from -240 to 82
  • 6 recruits for a cup difference of 83 and higher
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i haven’t looked at this too much yet, just glanced then skipped to the end…so what i’m about to say may sound foolish but i’m alright with that…

don’t think i’ve been matched with opponents more than 50 cups below or 50 cups above me outside of some rare revenge matches where someone hit me before they cup dropped or something

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Without wasting ham on rerolls, I’m getting +200 and -200 fairly regularly.


Yes, if you click on raid, the system matches you with an opponent within the ±50 ±300 cups range, which will then give you up to 50 cups as reward or let’s you lose up to 50 cups.

I got the other data from my watchtower by clicking on revenge.
Since it is normal for me to lose 100-200 cups over a few hours being offline, my watchtower can show targets with much more than +50 300 and much less than -50 -300 cups relative to mine.

edit: sorry, it’s late here, I messed up the cup difference and the reward cups…

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yea i messed up too lol i was thinking +50 to -50 rewards, not actual cup counts of my opponents and I…

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