Quintus rise

Sorry about my English but I’m Portuguese. It is possible to upgrade since the second rise of quintus? I have it for so long and I can’t find trap tools anywhere. I have 3 trap tools the 4 th is impossible to gain.
Thanks for the game. It is addicted… And again sorry about my English.

Your English is fine! :slight_smile:

Look for ascension items like Trap Tools in:

  • Titan loot drops
  • Wanted chests
  • Rare Elemental Wanted chests
  • Mystic Vision
  • Quests

Please ask me if you need help! :wink:

Sorry I reply here but I can’t create a new topic don’t know why.

I think that prizes for gold and platinum are the same. I have finished now the quest and a earned
Food 64242
Iron 92138
Feathers of the sun tower 1
Health potion 1
Gems 2
Summon token 1
I can make this in the world “event” the prizes are very bad.
I think the idea of a new building is very good for a chance to “train” ascension materials that I’ve read in another topic.
In the war I was the best player of my alliance twice but we lost both and the prizes are the same…
In the new war nobody of my alliance will attack because it worthless.

Sorry about the Bible and again the English but again I’m Portuguese and because that i’m the land of vitor pereira or José Mourinho. Cumps

There is a quest that recurs with trap tools.

Watch the quests as they come by. Open them and look at what the prizes are.

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