Question about Titans!

Hello guys

My alliance tells me that if multiple players hit the titan at the same time then the Titan will hit harder and also the board will be harder to find combos to hit the Titan with. Is it true? Does the Titan algorithm works like that when multiple players hit him at the same time and he gets harder or is it a myth?

I don’t know if is working like this but indeed boards are sucks… realy bad in moments when the life of titan is dropping… and when he have less life his attacks are focused on certain heroes without much life

It’s true, just like how using Rainbow Team against the Unicorn will reduce you damage output because they are strong against rainbows.


Myth!!! Don’t trust the li’l devil imp on your shoulders. This is a game which facets are based on RNG.


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Definitely a myth.

20 myths

Yeah, no. LOL.

My biggest complaint about multiple people hitting the titan at the same time is when the titan is almost dead and two people go after it at the same time. That’s a wasted flag IMO. Wasted flags trigger my OCD. :confounded:

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Agreed, when the titan is almost dead, people should call their shots to avoid wasted flags. Otherwise, there’s no need to coordinate attacks, contrary to the myth spun by the OP’s allies.


You may need a new alliance. Lmao


Oh my, 20 eyes…

I do not think 1 would have a thing to do with the other

I agree 100% with Sorsha if I knew how or could I would do it

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