"Queen of the North" is looking for active players trophy 200 - 1400+


We are looking for ACTIVE players that will be hitting the titan with us every day and taking part in AW. We are a sister alliance of much stronger alliance Wolves of Winterfell, few of us are experienced players and we are happy to advice you so we can grow together.

Rules are simple, you do not have to be experienced but have to be active, 2days of inactivity = kick (unless we were informed by you that you are going to be busy, then it is not a problem). We have just started to build this alliance so it is important for us to find a bunch of nice people that want to play and grow together.

At the moment our min trophy is set as 200 but if you are below and would like to join, please let me know so we can let you in.

Third generation and already forgetting about their grannies and gramps from King of the North! Tsk tsk, typical youth :wink:

Yeah, it’s the third alliance in our Northern family, alongside the mentioned Wolves of Winterfell. Nice and relaxed peeps, if you’re looking for a cool place to grow, learn the game, and play together with pleasant folks and no drama, definitely give them a go!

We have some experienced players chilling in Queen on their alt accounts and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to help you find your way around E&P :unicorn:


Rumca is good people. He was with us in Wolves for a bit and enjoyed having him there. Queen of the North is our most laid back alliance, but still growing. Eventually might become competitive as well. You can’t go wrong with Lucy/Light777 at the helm and Rumca helping lead. Enjoy!


22/30 and looking for more great players :smiley:
Chatty and active preferred
If you’re brand new we may waive the minimum 200 cup requirement all we ask is that you’re eager to learn
Come enjoy the stay and also work your way into the Wolves of Winterfell and King of the North
3 days missed before boot…so it’s pretty casual for low level to high level players