Quality of life mod: speed up adding/removing items in TC and forge

Many of us use TC11 as a recruit store to move recruits between TC20, TC2 and TC19. However, the speed which the counter jumps when adding or removing recruits is too slow. Can we add an option to increase and decrease the recruits by 10x their current amount. Or speed up the rate which the numbers jump.

The same problem exist in forge when creating huge quantities of items, say, healing potions, antidotes or arrows.

Might as well speed up a lot of other things in the game too. Or at least have an option for a sped up setting. Things that can be sped up:

  • Special skill animations
  • tile matching and associated animations (runes, bombs, etc)
  • special skill firing when autoplaying
  • autoplay in general

Are you writing in support of the suggestion or are you proposing new features? If you are proposing new features, can you open a new thread pls? Let’s not complicate matters here.

There are just a lot of aspects that can be sped up to improve quality of life. If they just introduce 1 toggle feature to speed all of these things up, it can be a solution.

Transferring 100 recruits literally takes seconds; the button has an auto repeat function. Faster would be out of control imo. :thinking:

I have 600 days worth of recruits in TC11 that I transfer between TC19, TC20, TC2 and HA6. The “seconds” that you refer to adds up real quick. I would rather be killing monsters and doing raids with that time. :sunglasses:

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