Quality of Life improvements

Just a list of a few things that aren’t game changers, but would improve the quality of life of the playing experience:

  1. A loot log. Perhaps the most difficult to implement, but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve accidentally hit ok when titan loot pops up in the middle of what I’m doing.
  2. More team slots. Just helpful in terms of raiding, farming, defense, and titans, aside from special comps for certain situations.
  3. More toggles like the defense team. A toggle for “Titan” so that when you’ve been farming mats or raiding, and you go to a Titan, it defaults to that team so you don’t accidentally bring in the wrong team. A toggle for “raiding” like above.
  4. Default to highest troop. When swapping in heroes, please default to the highest level troop we have, rather than just a level 1, 1*.

My two cents. Thanks for taking the time to read.

EDIT: Changed the word “hero” to “troop” in item 4. I think everyone knew what I meant, but still.


Oh yes. YES.
So annoying.


Yes, yes, yes. Especially the different team toggles. I brought my normal team too many times to the titan. And even worse, my titan team with colors missing to the last level of a rare quest, pfffff.


@mhalttu @RubiKinga @Petri

Just wanted to drop a tag in here for you all. I’m not sure of the complexity level to implement some of these things, but I’d really like to get your feedback on them.

How about the ability to turn off the “Your iron is maxed” messages and the like?

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Thanks for the good suggestions. I’ve added #2 and #4 on our backlog because they are the simplest to implement.


That would be nice… but suspect they are there by design. It’s a not-so subtle psychology to get you to spend (resource, or gems which ultimately boils down to money or time) to upgrade.

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You’re probably right. One the list of grievances, it’s pretty low.