QOL - LEGENDARIUM - information book

New type of in-game menu,
where you can see all of the heroes from family/ realm.

It only shows your owned heroes and empty slots + max number of heroes from that realm.

Each owned hero in legendarium also shows his full 4:80 version AND extra bonuses from his family. So you instantly see, how much Ursena improves with 20% boost from 5 atlantis heroes (example).

Legendarium also provides new quests with rewards.
For example : Collect 3 heroes from Asgard realm, Collect all heroes from Asgard realm, collect 1 4* hero from each realm.

Rewards would be increasingly good in comparison with the difficulty of quest :slight_smile:
For example, filling complete roster of Atlantis heroes, gives you 1 pull of coins for each unique Atlantis hero (if there are 8 atlantis heroes, you get 800 S2 coins. Since you already got whole family, you dont really profit much from it :slight_smile:

Simple QOL feature :slight_smile:


Lovin it. You have my vote

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I love this idea, you have my vote too

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Btw, Ultra, what is that dragon doing at your name? Are you one of the titans? How many stars? :slight_smile:

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Lol. It’s the prestigious Dudeious Dragon. It looks like a caterpillar, but I assure you, it’s a dragon.

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