Q&A with Mr. Spock and Empires and Puzzles Books!

If you’d like to submit questions for the Q&A we’ll be doing, go to www.YouTube.com/c/MrSpock/community and write your questions as comments in the Q&A community post. :vulcan_salute:t2:


For iPad users…. YouTube has never updated the community section of their app, so that specific section is empty and unusable for iPad users.

However, If you go on vis desktop or iPhone, it will be accessible.

(learned this the awkward way lol)


Would you accept/consider questions posted in this thread as well?

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I found out the hard way he is too busy to pay attention here or on other platforms… best to just ask on community section.

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I do what I can, but I’ll just say it’s a lot to manage. I really appreciate the support, and thanks for the tip for iPad users :vulcan_salute:t2:


All good… I know other YouTubers and have managed teams for YouTube channels… it’s a lot of work bandwidth for one person to be a sole content creator + operator + community management.

It’s better to use one main platform if possible to streamline. So I support it (… just sucks for iPad users).

But unfortunately you hit a point where more points of interaction are needed to be maintained to properly grow your audience. Content creators just cant ignore the vast digital ecosystem needed for business nowadays - which requires it to become a full time job or a small team of part timers… because in the end a content channel means you are a community manager.


Haha fine you’re hired! :grin:

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I think it is for tablets in general, not just an iPad issue. It is annoying though. I have to use my phone to view that section (Samsung user both tablet and phone)



Hit me when that spot opens as per the emails we exchanged lol

Thanks for Part 1 of DR.JEKYL & MR.SPOCK

Looking forward to seeing future episodes!
@JekylandHyde @Mr.Spock


I love these, I hope you guys keep doing them @Mr.Spock


Part 2