Puzzle Combat forums? [Staff response post#10]

I did quite a few run throughs of 12/9 this morning and not one spade

I have a pretty similar list:


  • 10-8 (4 WE, 4 waves)


  • 9-1 (3 WE, 3 waves)


  • 5-4 (3 WE, 4 waves)
  • 12-9 (4 WE, 4 waves) also Rare skill book loot drops


  • 8-7 (3 WE, 4 waves)


  • 9-8 (4 WE, 4 waves)
  • 13-9 (5 WE, 4 waves) for rare skill book drops but it’s expensive in terms of WE

Would add 5-4 for blue, other than that the list is good :slight_smile:

This list mostly matches my recommended levels for doing the chests, except for Green. For Green 8-1 is much, much, much better than 8-7 (which is a pretty mediocre level in Puzzle Combat). Green 8-1 gives 13 green enemies on average and the best recruits per flag in the game.

Also for blue I used to recommend 12-9, since it’s such an awesome level to farm, but I’m not sure I still do, with the seemingly removal of rare books there… 5-2 or 5-4 are probably better options now, because they give 13 blue enemies for 3 WE and an improved chance at Rugged Shirts. 5-2 gives better recruits than 5-4 so that’d be my recommendation for blue, now I think.

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wow, this stage in general is just better! I am getting a decent amount of recruits per run from it too (8~9), which is something I thought was lacking in the game. Thanks for the tip!

Rare books still drop from 12-9 but they’re very infrequent in general. Still haven’t found a stage that drops rare skill books that much either.

You sure about that? Have you had one drop since the latest patch? Neither me, nor any of my alliance mates have seen a rare book drop from 12-9 since the latest patch… It could be they made the drop rate even smaller in the patch and /or we were all unlucky, I guess, but I’d be happy to know if you’ve see one!

The patch notes did say that “skillbooks feature now unlock later the game”. At first I didn’t assume that meant skillbook won’t drop till later in the game, but until I see proof of a rare skillbook from 12-9, I’m starting to believe it :wink: Earliest proof I’ve seen is Area 19 so far.

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Something which may be of interest to this thread from the November 2019 AMA with SGG Staff:

Emoji Guide as to who-is-who:


Well I just found my own proof… got 2 rare skillbooks from farming 12/9… Woohoo they still exist :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing @Starlynk! Hope to find some to while I wait for spades :sweat:

Got 2x3* rare books from 12/9 today,did a fair amount of run throughs though

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Well now that we know community staff here may want to create separate categories for PC, I may as well share these now.

I’ve put together charts of heroes 3*s, 4*s and 5*s, very much inspired by Pois1 topic here for E&P: New! All Updated Hero Rosters (including costumed heroes, trainer heroes and family bonuses)

Because these lists include so much information, they’re best viewed on a computer!

Last Updated: 2020-08-22T17:15:00Z

  • Updated with bug fixes:
    • Mirage speed was listed as slow, but she’s actually average
    • Von Hagen was listed as v. slow, but he’s actually slow
  • Added all Mercenary Heroes :slight_smile: + family bonus
    • I don’t have access to their titles anymore (listed when you click the :mag: button on the card now – and you must own the card to see that).
    • I would appreciate any help getting their titles from players who have the mercenary heroes :slight_smile:

Stat total = Attack + Defense + Health + Speed

3* Heroes

4* Heroes

5* Heroes

Family Bonuses


DaveCozy thx - excellent work,

Recruits II / Recruits 2 - no token today

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I made a discord room! For all general discussion of Puzzle Combat :slight_smile:

Anyone who likes PC welcome :slight_smile:


Line would be better for videos…

You could make a Line chat :slight_smile:
Post the QR code here so others can join

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Totally agree.
I much prefer it to discord, if you set up a line group I’d be in :hugs:

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That is a matter of preference. I’m very much more familiar and comfortable managing a discord server myself.

If someone else wants to make a global LINE group, be my guest!


I just find it too much of a faff sharing videos on discord

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Hi all. I’ve created a LINE group for anyone to join and share tips on combat puzzles. I’m in New world legends in combat puzzles and also e&p player.

All welcome to join.


I’ve done it. See below

Hey Devs, when is this game going to have an official forum? And who exactly are the devs of this game so we can @ them? @Petri
When are there going to be events?
I have been wanting to complain about the preview of items per level still show weapon parts, which is blatantly false as there is a 0% chance of getting weapon items from missions since the first versions of the game. Reason I ask is batteries are impossible to get. It says they are more often found in area 21 but that cant possibly be true as I have been farming this area and have only ever got 1 from it. The drop rate on this item is broken or misleading.

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