Puzzle Combat forums? [Staff response post#10]

Dear SG,

I began to play combat puzzle after a year playing empire and puzzle and I really like it.
Most of my knowledge is transferable for it’s similarity and actually I love the difference in matching and how the weapon and upgrade work slightly differently.

So I was looking for a forum for combat puzzle but I can’t find it, and the only forum of small giant seem to be this one.

Please add a new section for combat puzzle or provide us with proper link to forum from inside the app.

Thank you for your great work.

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Just editing the OP to include a link to a Puzzles Combat Resources Thread I’ve made based on the many posts in this thread. Just so stuff is easier to find:


I’ve been playing PC as well, but I don’t think we’ll see forums for the game until it launches world-wide.

I know it is in Canada where I’m at. But is it available on the US yet?

I’m in Canada as well

A combat puzzle forum or section would be greatly appreciated, I agree :slight_smile:!

Is there a release date planned for Europe?

It’s not fair for Europeans the game to not be available yet. I don’t understand why and when the game will be. I didn’t know till now that is not available in whole Europe. I crossed some borders last week (on vacation) and I tried and tried. Nothing :slight_smile:

It’s not in the US, either. I guess SGG thought the Canadian market was about the right size for pre-launch tryouts.


I can’t wait for EU and US to be able to start playing as the user base is so small actually.
We need you for our alliances prosperity!!!
As you can expect they made sure the drops are very very low, I guess until they are ready for deploying in other country.

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I want to play this game so bad while my E&P energy is recharging. Not available in Europe though :frowning:

Our upcoming game Puzzle Combat is currently only available in a limited number of countries. Stay tuned for the global launch! We’ll be launching Puzzle Combat forums after it has been released for all players.


So I have to be patient and not invest time and money in one of the lame copies of this game :slight_smile: I am at that level in the game when is little to do online. Everything I have to do, I do quickly and I don’t know what to do with the rest of my free time :rofl:

Hiya pug how is pugito???:crazy_face:

Thank you Petri, I have been liking the game a lot. This last update added some much needed variety to war machines (titans basically), and sped up the animations too :slight_smile: (the game runs so fast!)

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So I have been playing puzzle combat for about 3 weeks now, and I noticed something odd. I looked at every player in the top 100 and every player in the top 100 alliances, as well as in global chat, and still have never seen one Legendary 5* hero in a players roster. Not one. Whats up with that? There are lots of 3* and 4* heroes, and there are 1 to 5* weapons, but literally zero 5* heroes. Have they not released them even though its been fully available in Canada for over 3 months now and all the summons totally seem to indicate that there is a 0.8% chance to pull Legendary heroes?
Speaking of summons, will there be any special offers for this game? I want to spend some money on this game but there is nothing being offered outside the standard full price. I have got the intro offer and one month vip ($7 each cdn) but in 3 weeks there have been zero special offers. Will there be any anytime soon? @Petri @EmpiresPuzzles

There are players with 5* heroes in the game. Frogger and gerry in the leaderboard (they’re always in top 10) have some, along with several others I’ve talked with.

They’re just not worth putting on defense teams right now, because they’re all stuck at ascension level 2, and their stats are overall worse than a maxed 3* at this point.

The ascension materials are far too rare right now in Puzzle Combat. No guaranteed way of getting them like in E&P quests. But I am suspecting that the reason for them being rare is because they want to wait to release the game worldwide and have more of a player-base.

Otherwise those who have access to the game now would be far ahead of players who couldn’t start playing until worldwide release…


Thanks for the very quick reply @DaveCozy, I was suspicious as I had never seen one in game.

With no online references to this game gathering info is tough
The leveling is very formulaic and I noticed that Puzzle Combat heroes need much more xp to level up:

which amounts to:

compared to E&P

it would be nice if someone put out a guide and item list

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Just found the game in playstore by accident. @Petri I thought you will make an announcement at least. I guess now is available in all countries.

P.S. I don’t like the puzzle graphics. And I also include here those vertical and horizontal bombs. I’ll stay F2P there and just when I have nothing to do on forum or E&P.

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It is not available in all countrys. I can’t download it.

Maybe starting to spread it, but at the moment not available for all.

@DaveCozy did you notice after P 17 the XP is the same for every mission? I hope is so intended and not a major bug, but I completed the first 3 missions in 18 (don’t ask me how I did it with 3* heroes :rofl:) and the XP is all the same -> 987. Our leader (plays since the beginning) completed first one in 22, the same XP, 987. And the last one in 17 is 1100+. Do you think the devs just set this number for us to not grow too much in level till the game will be worldwide released?

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