Proteus mana block faulty

When Proteus mana block is applied to a hero that has an almost full mana bar the block does not stop them from firing their special next turn.

If it’s full then it will still fire. Proteus doesn’t remove mana - you need Merlin for that :wink:

Can you get screen shots of it charging and firing after the debuff is applied?


could be mana shield too. i use proteus in virtually all my raids. I was confused at first too lol

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Good point, the new talents can tinker with it too

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I just hate mana shield… there are lots of Rigards around, so mana shield is one of the worst talents to go against while using Proteus (who is great, by the way)

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I use Proteus a lot. can confirm that if he fires his special on an enemy with full mana, enemy can still use its special. Proteus only stops mana gain, not mana use.


Of course that’s right. Proteus doesn’t prevent the use of special skills, he just blocks mana generation.

I see the issue when the mana bar is almost but not quite full. So to me their special should not fire. The bar is not flashing either as it does if a special is imminent.

No it is not mana block.

I will try for a screenshot or 2.

The other thing to note is that Proteus doesn’t stop mana gain from abilities, like Alby’s mana boost. If you lock a hero with a Alby’s mana boost on, they may still fill and fire.

Also, be careful that all opponent heroes gain a little bit mana after their turn is over. So sometimes it is easy to miss. They might seem almost full when their turn is going on, but right at the end they get full, and sometimes players can miss that thinking they were not. I am not saying that you are doing that but just adding another point of view. :slight_smile:

Screen shot of the scenario showing your attack team vs the defending team would be helpful.
After firing Proteus special does the mana bar of the enemy grey out? If not there may have been a miss.

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