[Proposal] Soulstones (new enhancement)

Soulstones new feature proposal.


So, after some feedback, Soulstone could be treated in a different way (I’m keeping all the original post, since it’s a WIP idea).

Soulstones levels, boosts and features would remain (Mana Speed Boost could be taken out, could be too OP, or keep the one level up boost (thank you @Radar1 )), but the way to use them would be very different from above.

Soulstones would be disposable items (as potions, arrows, etc.) that the player can take to the battle. How to use them in battle could be in one of following ways:

  • Player can attach up to 1 soulstone to each hero. Boost/enhancement will be active from battle start, and stone will be lost at battle end.
  • Player can choose up to 3 or 5 stones (number could be determined by stone level or kind, or leave it fixed independently of chosen stones) to bring to the battle as items (besides the other items, it wouldn’t use the same item slots). Player can attach one or more stones to one or many heroes at any moment of the battle (they would be stackable), and only activated stones would be lost at battle end. Under this method, Team Cost enhancement would disappear.

How to get soulstones under this mechanic would be easier than above one. I think a building would work but it would make it harder for new players. So they could be obtainable through quests (any kind and level, so all players can get stones) and maybe Forge for lower level stones and an Advanced Building for higher level stones (OR could also be used to upgrade already owned stones).

Original post:


A Soulstone is a stone with different kinds of upgrades, which can be attached to a maxed hero in order to gain that upgrade.

Why “Soulstone”? I don’t know, the name sounds epic, I guess. But it could different (powerstone, forcestone, upgradestone… xD)

There will be three kinds of soulstones:
-Stat Soulstone (normal): a stone that boosts stats for the hero. For example: ATK+75, HP+100.
-Special Soulstone (rare): a stone that gives special boosts or additional features to the hero. For example: speed up mana generation (from Average to Fast, for instance), give a new resistance, give a new element link.
-Skill Soulstone (very rare): a stone that adds a small boost or new feature to the hero’s special skill. For example: a +10% additional health upgrade to the healing skill (only attachable to heroes with healing skill), or add a +10% defense boost to the skill (attachable to any hero).


Each 3*, 4* and 5* hero will have soulstone slots to attach them. One slot can only have one soulstone attached, and one soulstone can be attached only to one hero and one slot.

How to manage soulstones: different amount of soulstone slots by hero rarity and different stone levels for each kind.

Slots distribution:
A 3* hero will have 3 slots, as 3 stat slots.
A 4* hero will have 4 slots, as 3 stat slots and 1 special slot.
A 5* hero will have 5 slots, as 3 stat slots, 1 special slot and 1 skill slot.

Second possible option (by soulstone level):
All 3*, 4* and 5* heroes will have 5 slots, as 3 stat slots, 1 special slot and 1 skill slot.

Primary idea is that any soulstone level could be attach to any hero. With second option, they would be limited by level (3* hero can only have 3* stones, and so on).

Let’s go with first option. A hero will have different slots amount according to its rarity (as told above) and any level soulstone can be attached to it. Then, we go with the soulstones. They will have 3 levels: 3*, 4* and 5* (to match with heroes rarity).


The most common kind of soulstone is the Stat Soulstone. This stone will boost one or more of the basic stats of the hero: attack, defense, health. Each stat will be boosted depending on boost level, as follows:
Normal boost: ATK+50, DEF+50, HP+100
Powerful boost: ATK+100, DEF+100, HP+150
Extreme boost: ATK+150, DEF+150, HP+200

How boosts are distributed in soulstone levels would be as follows:
A 3* stone will have one normal boost.
A 4* stone could have two normal boosts or one powerful boost.
A 5* could have two powerful boosts or one extreme boost.

All heroes will have 3 stat slots, and they will be limited to up to 2 boosts for the same stat. So, if a hero has ATK boost on 2 stones, the third one cannot contain an ATK boost.
Examples of Stat Soulstones:
3* Stone: ATK+50.
4* Stone: ATK+50, DEF+50
4* Stone: ATK+100
5* Stone: DEF+100, HP+150
5* Stone: DEF+150.
Examples of valid soulstones combinations on same hero:
Hero: One 3* stone with ATK+50. One 4* stone with ATK+100. One 4* stone with DEF+100.
Hero: One 4* stone with DEF+50 and HP+100. One 4* stone with ATK+50 and HP+100. One 5* stone with ATK+100 and DEF+100.


This stone is a rare one, harder to get. It will add a new characteristic or enhance something for the hero besides the basic stats. These stones will also have levels, but they’ll always have only one enhancement.

The possible enhancements are:
-Mana generation speed: Normal would be one level up (Slow -> Average). Powerful would be 2 levels up (Slow -> Fast).
-Team Cost: Cost reduced by 50%.
-Resistance: Adds one of the following resistances to the hero: Normal: Poison, Burn, Water, Blind, Attack ailment, Defense ailment, Healing ailment, Health Steal ailment. Powerful: Minion effect, Minion removal, Minion debuff, Spawn minion, Mana reduction, Mana Stop, Special skill block, Dispells.
-Family Link: Links hero to one of the existing families: Atlantis, Lagoon, Sakura, Avalon, Pirates, Grimforest, Teltoc, Wonderland, Springvale, Sand.
-Elemental Link: Adds one of the following elemental links to the hero when it casts its special skill (this can’t be attached to a hero that already has an elemental link): Normal: Attack/Defense Buff (+3%), HP Recovery (+2%), Elemental resistance (+25%), Mana boost (+2%), Critical boost (+5%). Powerful: Attack/Defense Buff (+8%), HP Recovery (+4%), Elemental resistance (+40%), Mana boost (+4%), Critical boost (+8%), Special skill defense buff (+40%), Minion spawn (5% HP, 5% Attack). They cannot be dispelled and always last 5 turns.

Distribution of enhancements would be as follows:
A 3* stone can have Team Cost, Normal Resistance or Family Link.
A 4* stone can have Normal Mana Generation Speed, Team Cost, Normal Resistance, Family Link or Elemental Link.
A 5* stone can have Powerful Mana Generation Speed, Team Cost, Normal or Powerful Resistance, Family Link or Powerful Elemental Link.


This stones will boost or add features to hero’s Special Skills. They’re the hardest to get, will have levels too and only one feature per stone.

The Skill Soulstone will have 2 kinds: New Feature and Enhance Feature. New Feature can only be attached to heroes who don’t have the stone feature (For example, if hero’s skill heals, you can’t attach a New Feature stone with healing). On the other side, Enhance Feature can only be attached to heroes who already have the stone feature (same example, if hero’s skill heals, you can attach an Enhance Feature stone with healing).

The New Feature stones will have following features (valors per stone level):
Allies Attack buff: +20%, +50%, +80%.
Allies Defense buff: +20%, +30%, +40%.
Enemies Attack/Defense debuff: -15%, -25%, -35% each.
Attack: 100%, 140%, 180% damage.
Counterattack: 80%, 100%, 120% received damage.
Healing: +15%, +25%, +35%.
Regenerate Health: 150HP, 250HP, 350HP.
Elemental Defense buff (always against hero’s weak element): +50%, +60%, +70%.
Elemental Defense debuff (always against hero’s strong element): -60%, -70%, -80%.
Mana reduction: 10%, 15%, 20%.
Critical buff: +5%, +10%, +15%.
Burn: 100, 200, 300 damage.
Poison: 100, 200, 300 damage.
Blind: -10%, -25%, -40% accuracy.
Minion Summon: Minion with 8% HP and 8% Attack.
Mana Stop: Target(s) won’t gain mana.
Special Skill Block: Target(s) won’t be able to use skills.
Ailment dispell: Dispells all status ailments from allies.
Buff dispell: Dispells all buffs ailment from enemies.

The Enhance Feature stones will have following features (valors per stone level):
Allies Attack buff: +10%, +25%, +40%.
Allies Defense buff: +5%, +10%, +15%.
Enemies Attack/Defense debuff: -5%, -10%, -15% each.
Attack: +20%, +30%, +40% damage.
Counterattack: +10%, +30%, +50% received damage.
Healing: +5%, +10%, +15%.
Regenerate Health: 50HP, 100HP, 150HP.
Elemental Defense buff: +1%, +3%, +5%.
Elemental Defense debuff: -3%, -9%, -15%.
Mana reduction: +5%, +10%, +15%.
Critical buff: +1%, +3%, +5%.
Burn: 50, 125, 200 damage.
Poison: 50, 125, 200 damage.
Blind: +5%, +10%, +15% accuracy.
Area of Effect: Expands area of effect of skill. 1 to 3 or 3 to 5.

Note: New/enhanced feature will apply to the same number of allies/enemies and for the same number of turns as hero’s special skill. If new feature is to a new target than hero’s skill (for instance, add a healing feature to a skill that only attacks enemies) then AoE will be same (skill attacks one enemy, healing heals caster. Skill attacks 3 enemies, healing heals caster and nearby allies, etc.). If hero’s skill is not related to turns, new feature will apply for 3 turns.

Distribution will be as follows:
A 3* stone can have any New Feature except Minion Summon, Mana Stop, Special Skill Stop and Area of Effect; and any Enhance Feature except Area of Effect.
A 4* stone can have any New Feature except Minion Summon, Mana Stop, Special Skill Stop and Area of Effect; and any Enhance Feature except Area of Effect.
A 5* stone can have any New Feature and any Enhance Feature.



They could be implemented in one or more of following ways (ordered by personal preference):

(A) Special Soulstone Portal. Each stone kind and level would different odds. To use it, could be necessary to have one or more of the following:
-Soulstone tokens, which could be obtainable just as Epic Hero Tokens.
-Soulstone coins, obtainable through a Soulstone Quest and some chests (like Costume Keys).

(B) Advanced Building. Use new levels from an advanced building (or a brand new building) to get stones. Each level would let you obtain different kinds and levels of the stones. Something like:
LV1: 3* Stat Soulstone
LV2: 4* Stat Soulstone
LV3: 3* Special Soulstone
LV4: 4* Special Soulstone
LV5: 5* Stat Soulstone
LV6: 5* Special Soulstone
LV7: 3* Skill Soulstone
LV8: 4* Skill Soulstone
LV9: 5* Skill Soulstone - Enhance
LV10: 5* Skill Soulstone - New
Required items would be pending from this, but gems should not be part of them.

© Hero sacrifice.
Could be a requirement from (B) or totally separated. The idea is that a hero could be exchanged for a Soulstone. Level would match (3* hero for a 3* stone) and resulting kind and boost/feature would be random, based on odds (same odds as (A)).

(D) Obtain 3* Soulstones and level up them to upgrade them. It would be relatively easy to obtain them, and leveling would only be possible with other Soulstones. Boost/Feature would randomly change every time the stone is ascended to the next level (that way a 5* exclusive feature could appear).


Of course I may be missing lots of details, calculations and stuff from the game that I skipped and some numbers and concepts need to be polished, but you get the idea and the purpose to expand heroes power and add new mechanics and strategies to the game.

You may say that I used too much time for this, but I actually enjoy doing this kind of stuff. It also helped me learn a couple details about the game mechanics. I had fun building this proposal, so please vote, comment, support, give feedback and anything you’d like to add/modify from this.

Also, I don’t know how possible is that a proposal like this is considered by SGG, but well, as I said, I enjoyed creating it, so at least I had some pandemic fun :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Awesome idea!
  • Yes, looks good.
  • I’m not sure about this
  • Awful! Delete your post!
  • TL; DR

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I like the idea and attention you put into it.


I’m also very iffy about this. The game is power-creeped and bottlenecked with stat boosting resources already (emblems). Adding more ways to boost stats into the mix could make this even worse and defenses much more powerful than what we’re already facing – since you would only need 5 heroes with all the proposed stones equipped, so your attacking teams would be at a disadvantage (just like with emblems).

Unless these special stones can be equipped on as many heroes as you want (that fit the rarity requirements). Without needing multiples of them. Then maybe this could be less of a bottleneck.


Stat stones are cool but fast Telluria, vfast Finley, vfast Vela are terrible idea


Interesting idea and a good read, but I suspect would require an incredible amount of attention to detail to prevent OP orders of magnitude worse than emblems.


Agreed with above - very interesting concept. I think if you could add one (and only one) to a hero, it’d prevent heroes from becoming overly powerful. Either way, very interesting idea!


Ahhhh… there was a thread or several posts over a year ago where we were discussing new content for the game, like weapons and weapon slots and cards/runestones. I remember because i was actively following that idea since it was reminiscent of my days playing Ragnarok Online. I cant find it though.

To the OP, nice idea and detailed content.

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It might be an interesting concept to have various stones you can earn in the game that you can equip on a hero for battle. One stone per hero, and you need to equip every time you battle. Perhaps only for attack to help offset the 20% boost and high embleming of defenses. Stones for stat boosts, added talents, etc.


So this idea is phenomenal! In every single way something this should be implemented into the game next, but, here’s the problem…

You’re trying to put a very solid wavy idea onto a very flimsy house of cards on a bad foundation.

I would love to see something like this, but until they fix the major issues with upgrade times/iron production issues, adding something like this would actually hurt the game overall.

It would definitely give end game players some new content, but it would alienate anyone new to the game who wanted to try and compete for the top a slot.

To a certain degree we already see this issue with emblems/rare item that’s hard to obtain, but majorly valuable in the end game pvp scene.

If they were to try and add something like this into the game, then they would need to allow players to start having opportunity to collect the very rarest soul stones @ level 1, and additionally allow players to swap the stones between various different heroes for free.

Maybe make swapping the stones out of a 5* cost 50 gems, swapping out of 4* 15 gems and swapping between 3*s completely free?

Then make it so you can re-roll stones for something different at hero academy? All of those steps would at least make this feature universally attainable and useful.

My fear is that if good stones are hidden behind a wall of in game progress then new players will see how much time it takes to reach end game pvp and decide they’d rather spend 1.5 years elsewhere. We’re already at around 1 year to really settle into a decent position.

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For me as F2P it was more like 2 years. I have only felt I’m at a decent position for the last six months or so.


I think both ideas point to the same: Maybe the stones could a one-time use, when you enter a battle. That way you’ll boost the offensive team, but defensive will keep the same. And at the same time, you won’t permanently boost a hero, so it wouldn’t become a mess of overpowered guys.

I actually like very much that approach, it would make the game more dynamic and avoid possible problems with all those new stats or enhances.

Yes, I believe the mana speed boost could be taken out, or just keep the one level up but at Powerful 5*. Thanks for the feedback!

You’re right on that. It could be implemented in a way to help newer players, also. I don’t know, allowing stones to be used only on S1 heroes, for example. Although the idea to have the stone being a on-time use for offensive could also be better for new players.

So soulstones could be used as one-time items instead of permanent for a hero. It could be in 2 ways:
-Before battle starts, attach stones to heroes (max one per hero).
-Before battle starts, player can take 3 or 5 stones to the battle (along with the 4 items as always), and activate them whenever and to whoever the player wants (with possibility to stack stones to the same hero).

Of course, that way they should be easier to get (still with different rarities but more obtainable) and make them available for all players.

I believe that’s a very good feedback and could actually bring a new and fresh mechanic to the game, and at the same time give some help to offensive squad and to new players.

Thank you everyone. I’ll put that on the OP post.


I see it has team cost. Does that mean the team cost allowed will be increased from 130?

If not, that means with soulstone, you cannot field five 5* together, might be for the best.

Actually the idea was to reduce the hero’s Team Cost. That would be more beneficial for newer players.

However, your point to limit heroes with soulstones in the squad could be useful. I see it as a Raid tournament rule, though.

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4* have lower team cost, which means they can use more or stronger soulstones than 5*. Might actually decrease power creep.

The idea is to allow newer players to use a squad they wouldn’t normally be able to use becuase of Team Cost. At the same time, the player would be using one of the stone slots, which means less boosts.

Maybe this enhancement needs some reworking to polish it. If heroes actually don’t have 3 to 5 slots, but only 1 slot, using it for Team Cost would sacrifice any boost for that hero; but in the other hand, it would be possible to use it with other high cost heroes.

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In a ‘proper’ RPG I like the idea if there wasn’t something already similar in place.

For this to be in E&P, I anticipate it being implemented poorly and be another revenue stream. :laughing:

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