PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab

Let’s dispel a few misconceptions. There are several types of ascension items. Some are “farmable” from the map (such as battle manual, chainmail shirt, scabbard, etc). Some are used for only 4* Hero ascensions (compass, fine gloves), some for 5* ascensions (Damascus blades), some can only be used for a particular color (red heroes = hidden blades for 4* or hidden blades and Mystic Rings for 5*).

This chart might help. (Click it to see the whole thing.)


Ascension items that are not farmable are rare. They can be obtained randomly in the game from any of these:

  • Titan loot drops
  • Wanted chests
  • Rare (colored) wanted chests
  • Rare quests
  • Mystic Vision

They might also be available via Events if you score high enough or via War (I’ve had this happen to me at least once, and it’s happened in our alliance several times).

The reason folks focus on “high level AMs” is that is where the bottle neck is in leveling their heroes, which is what drives a good bit of their game experience and enjoyment.

I have seen ascension items in lower Titans, but it was, as you say, a rarer event.

I like your ideas on item conversion. I just also hope there are considerations for more AMs as well. :wink:


Really cool idea.

Maybe this would be more palatable to the developers if instead of A + B + Time = C,

It was instead A+B+time = %chance for C. (Like TC13/20)

I think much like leveling up hero abilities, you could let players add in more AM to increase odds of getting desired AM…

Odds should be in players favor. BUT ya know if we are calling it Alchemy then there probably should not be a 100% chance anyway :slight_smile:

OH OH and. I don’t know what you get when the alchemy fails. Maybe half the lower level AM get returned, you lose the food iron and other half


You get Elkanen :face_with_monocle:



I think the fear from a business standpoint is the Alchemy Lab might cannibalize sales, but if you look at other games which have crafting, the opposite is true (eg. Hearthstone). If an offer has an ascension item you don’t need, you won’t consider buying that offer. However, if you could use that ascension item to craft the item you need you might buy that offer.

It also creates a sink for all the items people have built up in their inventory. They may destroy a bunch of items so they can get the items they currently need. Then later they may realize they needed those items, creating demand where there is currently none.

I wouldn’t bother with a time component on this because you want people to continuing spending gems, just like they currently can on summons and offers. It also improves everyone’s experience by giving everyone more control over their team which has a positive effect on both F2P and P2W players .

Here’s how I would setup the Alchemy Lab:

X food, Y iron, 4 3* ascension items of the same element = 1 4* ascension item of the 3* items’ element

So for example, if I wanted to craft 1 poison dart you could have the Alchemy Lab take in 276k food, 450k iron and 4 orbs.

You could also extend this to heroes:

X food, Y iron, 4 4* heroes of the same element = 1 5* hero of the 4* heroes’ element

So for example, if I wanted to craft a 5* Holy hero I would take in 276k food, 450k iron and 4 4* Holy heroes.

The hero sink would create even more demand than the ascension item sink due to the need for multiple heroes in War now.

You could have similar formulas for lower rank heroes/items too. It may also make sense to extend this to Troops.

If SG did this they would create more demand for all summons and offers by broadening their gem customer base and creating a sink for people’s hoarded ascension items and heroes. They would most likely make a lot more money than they already are making based on similar systems in other games and the amount of revenue those games take in. There would also be a direct benefit to all players in the game, by allowing them to have more control over what heroes they were able to obtain, and what they want to spend their gems on.

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I’m game for the lab count me in.dont no how to get to the not computer savvy

Might want to take a quick glance at the Shortlist where Petri has addressed many player ideas to say which ones SG was considering, which onesmight come later, and which ones were off the table.

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DUDE I was reading this ALL DAY.

I went and googled elkanen. I read some giant thread on whether elkanen was good. When he should be used and what buffs he needed.

Then I decided: “oh. He wasn’t even responding to me!”

Then I laughed at my stupidity and went away.

Then I came back, four hours later, and FINALLY realized:

Elkanen sucks. So you’re saying “what do you get when your alchemy fails? You get Elkanen. [because he sucks].”


I finally got it hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:


Please make this happen. Great great great idea!!

Just to clarify a couple of things from my previous post.

Yes, I think an Alchemy Lab would be great as an advanced building. But not purely to be able to generate advanced AM’s.

There would be multiple recipes that can be researched which I think could include:

  • crafting advanced AM’s (obviously this will be expensive and may require gems)
  • Crafting like materials from lower * versions (eg; crafting chainmail from multiple leather armour)
  • recipes to craft materials used more often, including low * materials, from those from which there is a large surplus. For this one recipe per product material may be too many so using the recipe could bring up a selection screen.

This is a FANTASTIC idea. Unfortunately, this thread is almost a year old now, and nothing like this is in the game. That is too bad. there has been a LOT of grumbling amongst people the people playing (and paying) for this game. The fact that SG has not turned this wonderful idea into reality is really sad. It could improve things soo much.

I would think in the alchemy lab, it should be able to convert any items. The conversions could be costly (3x 1* items to get a single different 1* item, 15x 1* items to get a single 2* item, etc, however this type requirement may be more in tune for ‘converting’ crafting ingredients), and the time and food/iron requirements. Since it is also an ‘alchemy’ lab, then there should be s small percentage chance of partial (or total failure). This chance should get smaller as the level of the lab is increased (i.e. you become a better alchemist). For the really ‘important’ AM, which can not be farmed, it should be a 1 to 1 (in count and star value), but could still contain a percentage chance of total failure (which of course is reduced as the level of the alchemy shed is increased). This percentage chance could actually be ‘reversed’, at a certain level, where you become more of a master alchemist, and then you might get 2 AM from a single conversion (again a chance). That chance could grow as the level of the ascension shed was increased.

This addition should about eliminate the ‘need’ to try to add a market place, and should be much easier to shoe horn into the existing game, just like the troop leveling was done.

SG, why have a feature/request forum if fantastic additions such as this are simply ignored for a year???


Totally agree with you

How about this for levels;

*** Note, early levels are for crafting materials, low level farmable AM, and require more than 1 for 1 materials, to add a bit more ‘pain’ for the players wanted items). From lvl 6 on, is what was described in the OP as the alchemy lab ***

  1. Craft materials. (ham 2500 / iron 2500. .5 hr) then 5x (any) 1* creates 1* OR 5x (any) 2* creates 2* OR 25x 1* creates 2*. 35% chance of failure

  2. AM: (ham 3500 / iron 4500. 1 hr) 5x 1* creates 1* OR 5x 2* creates 2* OR 25x 1* creates 2*. 33% chance of failure

  3. Craft (ham 4500 / iron 5500. 1 hr) 3x (any) 1* creates 1* OR 10x 1* creates 2* OR 30 1* creates 3* or 3x 2* creates 2* OR 10x 2* creates 3* or 3x 3* creates 3* 28% chance of failure

  4. AM: (ham 5500 / iron 5500. 3 hr) 3x (any) 1* creates 1* OR 10x 1* creates 2* OR 30 1* creates (farmable only) 3* or 3x 2* creates 2* OR 10x 2* creates (farmable only) 3* or 3x 3* creates (farmable only) 3* 24% chance of failure

  5. Craft (ham 14500 / iron 15500. 5 hr) 20x1* creates 3* OR 5x 2* creates 3* OR 1x 3* creates 3* 20% chance of failure (Note, the original 1 day wait seems too long for farmable items).

*** From here are on are the real OP levels of AM alchemy. ***

  1. AM: (ham 35500 / iron 55500. 3 days) 1x 3* creates ANY 3* 20% chance failure

  2. AM: (ham 125500 / iron 155500. 5 days) 1x 4* AM creates ANY 4* AM 20% chance failure

  3. AM: (ham 145500 / iron 175500. 7 days) 1x 3* creates ANY 3* 12% chance failure

  4. AM: (ham 185500 / iron 215500. 7 days) 1x 4* creates ANY 4* 8% chance failure

  5. AM: (ham 235500 / iron 255500. 10 days) 1x 3* creates ANY 3* 0% chance failure

  6. AM: (ham 325500 / iron 355500. 10 days) 1x 4* AM creates ANY 4* AM 0% chance failure

  7. AM: (ham 555500 / iron 655500. 5 day) 1x 3* AM creates ANY 3* AM 0% chance failure

  8. AM: (ham 555500 / iron 655500. 5 day) 1x 4* AM creates ANY 4* AM 0% chance failure

  9. AM: (ham 335500 / iron 355500. 10 days) 1x 3* AM creates ANY 3* AM 10% chance of 2x generation

  10. AM: (ham 425500 / iron 455500. 10 days) 1x 4* AM creates ANY 4* AM 10% chance of 2x generation

  11. AM: (ham 755500 / iron 855500. 5 day) 1x 3* AM creates ANY 3* AM 12% chance of 2x generation

  12. AM: (ham 755500 / iron 855500. 5 day) 1x 4* AM creates ANY 4* AM 12% chance of 2x generation

Then 18, 19 20 would play along with the same concept. Possibly increased chance 18-19 might be 15-20% and 20 might be 33% chance of a double or something like that. Or possibly these levels might be ‘quick’ with higher food/iron costs.

A setup like this, would eliminate the need for the market place, which would be harder to shoe horn into the existing game, AND would be harder to keep people from cheating. It is not too hard to run multiple accounts, have a dozen (or more), that are heavy farmers, all building materials which the one ‘REAL’ player simply obtains. With an alchemy shed (lab), you still only have ONE character, fall under all of the world/raid time clocks, so there is little chance of unfair way to multiple account to build a super user, you have to obtain ALL of your own crap. BUT it allows the player the ability to use the farming he has done, in a way (costly in both time and resources) which he can obtain the materials he needs from all the materials he has obtained over the months of play.

The failure chances, along with multiple same star items keeps inflation down (if anything it will be more of a depression, BUT it allows the users to convert things they NEVER use, into a much smaller set of things they actually give a crap about).


We can turn some buildings into a baracks, why not be able to convert houses and forges into alchemies?

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Excellent idea, that would work well

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@Juzam wow. This has to be one of thee greatest ideas since sliced bread! This would be so so good why is it not a top priority lol.

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Definitely …

At some point, it’s not fun anymore … Apart from the whole thing in the game.

Updates after each other and nothing does it. Then they should do the right thing and be good. Better game customization … opportunities to trade lower hero or upgrade materials that would be a highlight.


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I love the idea as long as it didn’t limit or cut down on accention items from other areas of the game i.e. titans, quests, wars, chests, etc.

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Awesome idea. I been trying to get 2 hidden blades for a month now. Please do this!!!

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I need all the 5 star rare tools at 4 times each and can’t buy in featured bags I’ve spent crazy and won’t give luck to get a chest to share a item sure be nice to get some kind of way

Brilliant!! This is a real win-win solution :slight_smile:

This gives everybody a way to get what they need to progress in the game, while still giving SG what they need (aka: revenue).

I sincerely hope that SG developers sit up & take notice :slight_smile: Keeping my fingers & toes crossed for this one!

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