PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab


one of the hot topics is for sure Ascension Materials (from now: AM).

The idea is to create a new Building used to convert them.
In this way there will not be any market economy surplus, but people will not be killed by frustration if they get a not needed AM: even if they don’t need a rare AM they receive, they have at least the chance to convert it in a same-level AM.

An Alchemy Lab building could work like Barracks but with higher level constraints.
For example, it could be available only after Level 15 Stronghold and only “converting” a Level 10 existing building of any type.

The idea is to have 10 recipes (Like a Training Camp, following the same elemental order):
LVL 1 - Convert Hidden Blade
LVL 2 - Convert Warm Cape
LVL 3 - Convert Sturdy Shields
LVL 4 - Convert Trap Tools
LVL 5 - Convert Orb of Magic
LVL 6 - Convert Mystic Rings
LVL 7 - Convert Farsight Telescope
LVL 8 - Convert Mysterious Tonic
LVL 9 - Convert Royal Tabard
LVL 10 - Convert Poison Darts

Every item should need XXX Food +/or XXX Iron +/or World Energy + 1x Any other same level AM

For example, if I need a Royal Tabard I can spend needed resources (food/iron/energy) plus a Poison Dart or a Mysterious Tonic.

The Additional Building Levels (maybe 10 more) could cover the same recipes but in:

  • FAST” versuib (additional food/iron/energy but completed with half the time)
  • ECONOMIC” version (half food/iron/energy, but requiring more time)
  • EXPENSIVE” version (maybe adding GEMS as a crafting cost but giving the chance to get two AM of the chosen type)

What do you think about it?

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I know that the levels you left there are just to make a point, but good GOD this would be nice. I’m sitting on hundreds and hundreds of useless crafting or ascension items and this would be an awesome way to add slow, but deliberate progression to the game.

Love love love this idea.


I have a team of all four star heroes, but I only seem to receive five star ascension mats in loot, so I love this idea, Juz!


Intriguing! This would give people some new goals to work with, and while still difficult, would start to make items attainable. The recipes can still have a difficulty in line with the rarity of the items.

With the levels for epic items being tied to stronghold levels, it would give access to the players that have been playing a long time and are really stuck from advancing, and not create overpowered newbies straight out of the gate. They should have to work their way up through grinding or paying just like the rest of us!


This would be super cool!!!


I really like the idea of an alchemy lab. Just would prefer that food was not an item included in leveling up. Already have enough trouble keeping food in stock with the new troop system…maybe use iron instead.


I hope the Alchemy Lab–just like the Barracks–can be converted and removed as often as I like…right now I can spare one converted building…but I wouldn’t want to start adding overlying buildings that I had to keep at all times.


I love this idea. With all the 3* AMs being equal, I have gotten 12 Hidden Blades, 6 Orbs of Magic, 6 Trap Tools, 5 Sturdy Shields and 1 Warm Cape. Why so many Hidden Blades? Why so few Warm Capes? Being able to convert them would be amazing useful. I have very few 5* heroes, and being able to convert the Mystic Rings I have no use for to Mysterious Tonics which I could use would also be great.

3 thumbs up for this idea!


I like this!

As far as additional levels go, perhaps the first two could be “Convert X food into X/2 iron” and vice versa? I know a lot of people have hit the stage where the building times mean we’re full of iron but can still use more food.


This is an amazing idea. I also love Magog’s idea of being able to convert food to iron/2, etc!


…and vice versa. :smirk:


@Coppersky @Petri @RubiKinga I wanted to give this thread your attention. I think this is one of the best ideas for an addition to the game I’ve seen.

Players could convert unused loot that’s building up back into loot or iron, or the other way around. Even with insane wait times, like a week for an item, it gives players a clear path forward for otherwise impossible progression.


“Even with insane wait times, like a week for an item, it gives players a clear path forward for otherwise impossible progression.”

That’s the key aspect and it’s exactly why I’m proposing this game new feature.
I’m pretty sure none is afraid about time.
What is frustrating people is being frozen in the middle of nowhere waiting for a given AM with no forecast about “how many time I need to get this Farsight Telescope”.

It’s also good the idea to convert food and iron, even if it’s not exactly the main purpose since at the very end both of them are absolutely “farmable” and it’s just a matter of time getting enough food/iron: that it’s exactly not the case about AM.

For AMs, indeed, Time is not a formula parameter, and that’s the issue.


I love it but only one question arises when will this go into effect


Like this idea? bring attention to the thread by liking the original post!

Even if the forums are designed as a platform for players to discuss the game and help each other, the Devs do come in and read, even if they aren’t commenting. Something with a high number of likes is a great way to show them that there’s player interest. Also, in the long run likes on a post will stay visible longer than a flag,

Ideally, start getting your friends and alliance members here in the forums so they can put their 2 cents in too!


GREAT idea. Lots of great comments.
I have nothing new to add except my support.


I’m loving it! I’m closing on lvl 30 and have yet to come across 1 farsight telescope! How else is Master Lepus going to see the enemies approach?! He needs 6 of them!! O.o


Yes I like this - anything that helps players move forward in the game and see a way to progress can only be good!


I Support some version of this. Maybe starting at level 10 stronghold with other options in addition to ascension items.


I love this idea. I just hope the wait times wouldn’t be too bad. Someone suggested a week. That seems kinda long imo. I know i know it’s better than nothing, but something more like 2-3 days would be a nice sweet spot i feel.