Potential Merger

We are an alliance of 14, and the majority of us have been together for over a year. Everyone participates in titans and war besides the occasional one or two who don’t hit a Titan due to work or other commitments but it is rare. We want to keep our alliance name, leadership of the merging alliance will keep their positions as well.

Look us up: Viral Inception

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We’re happy to merge. I’m the leader, our alliance is called hero’s end. Will boot members to make room for all of you.

Just let me know.

I searched heros end but I didn’t see you guy

If you download line, I’m rebecca 32768.

It’s a difficult alliance to find.

Check out Donut Stuffers!

Your 14 would fill us up to a perfect 30!

Our 16 members sport 4k teams. We down 8/9* titans, but with a you folks, we’ll be swinging at 10’s or higher in short order.

We use all our flags in war! We stick to a simple but effective strategy!

Chill and social adult group. We use discord, but it isn’t required. Let me know if you’re interested.


Raghadorn, you have 17 members which means one would have to go. I’m not dropping any of mine and your trophy requirement says 1400 but a couple of my members are just short of that

Oops, sorry, I forgot one of our guys…

Good luck with your merger!

Hi! I’m Dadinator, the leader of Out of Oz.

There’s about a dozen of us, different strengths. About 4 of us are in diamond. Me personally, I’ve been to the Emerald City (no. 1 in Canada) a few times, it felt great.

We can get 7* Titans but our average is 6* s. We started as a breakaway group, most of us have been together for a year. We seriously need to grow.

We understand there’s life beyond Empires. Our rules are not draconian, hit Titans of course, if life gets in the way, oh well… I love to see people fighting in wars though it’s not mandatory. I don’t force strategy, though I’m full of advice :wink: I’m always up for discussion!

We use Line to share, brag and complain, my Line id is herrkayser, alliance is Out of Oz

Do have a look, see if Oz is a place you might like!

Cheers, TK

Herrka, you guys sound like you’d be an excellent fit. None of us use line, is that ok?

Yes, sure. It’s not mandatory, just a good place to share so I encourage it. There’s also a ton of info (calendars, charts etc) in some albums, always updated. But not everyone in our alliance uses it.

You could join our alliance and we talk there on the chat? Or just all join! I have 2 alt accounts (dumping one), so I can visit you too…

Cheers, TK

Alright. I think it would be good if you joined us with your alt account to make sure everyone on my side is on board

No worries, will do! Can we please wait a few hours til after the war? So my tomorrow morning, EST (Montreal)?

If course. I was thinking the same thing

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